The Fertility Issues Same-Sex Couples Face When Trying to Conceive

SOURCES: Amanda Adeleye, MD, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology; reproductive endocrinologist, University of Chicago Medicine, Chicago. ASRM: “Is In Vitro Fertilization Expensive?” Fertility and Sterility: “Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender content on reproductive endocrinology and infertility clinic websites,” “Recommendations for practices utilizing gestational carriers: an ASRM Practice Committee guideline.” Jennifer Eaton, MD, division director … Read more

The Fertility Issues Same-Sex Couples Face When Trying to Conceive

Starting a family is a big step for everyone, but having a child is more complicated when both partners are the same sex. When a couple is gay or lesbian, they’re missing at least one essential piece of the conception puzzle. “To conceive, you need a sperm, an egg, and a uterus,” says Amanda Adeleye, … Read more

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy May Help With Your Insomnia

Sleep expert Rachel Manber, PhD, has seen the pervasive miseries of insomnia. Patients who are frustrated and fatigued tell her that they toss in bed all night, seeking that elusive comfortable spot. Others give up evening outings or vacations to avoid messing up their sleep schedules. Still others get anxious at bedtime, pondering whether to … Read more

Some Cancer Survivors Face Lingering Side Effects 

After 33 rounds of full-body radiation and a risky surgery to remove the golf ball-sized tumor from the back of his brain, then-21-year-old Matthew Zachary walked out of the hospital on April 30, 1996, cancer-free and grateful to be alive. But his relationship with the disease had only just begun. In the coming years, he … Read more

Tips to Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy  

Our pets give us unconditional love. In return, it’s our job to keep them healthy and happy. Food is medicine for pets, just as it is for people, says Sarah Reidenbach, DVM, a veterinarian in northern California and CEO of the nonprofit organization, Ruthless Kindness. If your dog’s or cat’s diet lacks certain vitamins … Read more

Lifetime Achievement: Anthony Fauci, MD

When Anthony Fauci, MD, was called to help lead the country’s COVID-19 response in January 2020 as part of the White House’s coronavirus task force, it was far from his first time around with a health crisis involving a deadly virus. As the nation’s top infectious disease expert, Fauci, who joined President Joe … Read more