India’s vaccination drive may lead to herd immunity by January, says YES Securities

MUMBAI: India could achieve the herd immunity threshold with 60-70 per cent of the population being fully vaccinated by January 2022, brokerage firm YES Securities noted in a report today. The brokerage firm is of the view that around 40 per cent of the country’s population could be fully vaccinated—both doses of vaccines—by November and … Read more

Will imported vaccines give the booster shot to India’s Covid-19 vaccination drive

With India ready to import Sputnik V, one cannot discount the fact that it may take several months by the time large volumes from various Sputnik vaccine makers start rolling out in the country. (Reuters Image) By Shilpi Jain India has recently surpassed Brazil as the country with the second-highest number of confirmed Covid-19 cases. … Read more

Govt fast-tracks approval for vaccines cleared in other countries

The availability of the vaccine becomes faster and it also opens up doors for import of bulk or import of finished vaccines in vials or import leading to fill and finish in India so it has a far reaching impact in the country A change in the country’s regulatory process for fast-tracking emergency approval of … Read more

COVID-19: States ignore WHO recommendation on Ivermectin, here’s what doctor who wrote white paper on the drug has to say

World Health Organisation/Dr Surya Kant Tripathi. (Image Source: Reuters/Screengrab) The World Health Organisation (WHO) recently recommended that antiparasitic drug Ivermectin must be used to treat COVID-19 patients within the clinical trials only. The WHO sighted lack of conclusive data behind this recommendation, which is applicable to “patients with COVID-19 of any disease severity.” Despite this, … Read more

Indoor air: Is it as safe as we assume it to be?

The National Human Activity Pattern Survey suggests that people spend almost 90% of their time indoors. By Dr Pratima Singh, Udhaya Kumar V, and Reghu Ram R With many of us being forced to spend more time indoors due to work-from-home policies and digital classrooms, it is important to take the quality of air inside … Read more

India needs to look for effective lifesaving Anti-Snake Venoms from Latin America

Snakebite in India has remained a much-neglected subject in spite of the significant mortality and morbidity it causes. (Photo source: IE) By Sandeep Wasnik,  India is the home of nearly 275 snake species, of which 60 are considered venomous and medically relevant, and with various levels of toxicity. Out of these 60 venomous species, only … Read more

China calls on WHO to respect scientists’ Covid origin findings

China called on the World Health Organization to take the lead in respecting the conclusions of scientists, a day after the international organization’s director-general faulted the findings of a mission to study the origins of Covid-19 in China. “We need to respect science and respect the opinions and the conclusions reached by scientists,” Chinese Foreign … Read more

CDC, WHO Create Threat Levels for COVID Variants

Michael Diamond, MD, PhD, associate director, Center for Human Immunology and Immunotherapy Programs, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri CDC, SARS-CoV2 Variants, updated March 16, 2021 WHO, Weekly Epidemiological Report, February 25, 2021 WHO, Weekly Epidemiological Report, March 16, 2021 Public Health England, Variants of Concern or Under Investigation, Updated March 15, 2021 … Read more

Time to ensure listening for all on World Hearing Day 2021

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, 6.3% of the Indian population suffers from significant hearing loss. By Dr. Shashidhar TB,  One of the most important senses, hearing is not only significant for effective communication, but it also links us emotionally with other beings. While leading our normal lives, we may not experience the … Read more

Apple’s Hearing Study Warns Users of Potential Hearing Loss

Apple on Tuesday shared insights from the Apple Hearing Study, ahead of World Hearing Day today. The study shares findings from long-term hearing health data gathered with the participation of thousands of Apple Watch and iPhone users in the US. Insights included how many experience a daily average environmental sound exposure higher than the World … Read more