DataOps: The Future of Healthcare Automation – ET HealthWorld

By Dr. Sina Bari Traditionally, healthcare has been human-powered. Physicians and related staff have always driven manual processes, be it record keeping, diagnosis, or administrative tasks. However, unprecedented challenges – such as the COVID-19 pandemic and escalating cost – have put immense pressure on healthcare systems and conventional methods have fallen short. The healthcare industry … Read more

Cloud technology assists in lowering costs and facilitating ease of interoperability: Kaushik Mitra, Oracle India – ET HealthWorld

Shahid Akhter, editor, ETHealthworld, spoke to Kaushik Mitra, Senior Director, Cloud ERP, Oracle India to know more about cloud technology impacting healthcare in the current digitilization drive. The healthcare and pharma sectors have been at the forefront during the COVID crisis. What do you think would be the role of healthcare in India’s post-pandemic economic … Read more

India Impact Summit: Socio Story’s summit on pressing themes like climate change, livelihood and healthcare

The major themes of discussion for the summit are – Digital divide, Livelihood, Climate change and Healthcare. Despite the challenges being posed by the recent pandemic, the important thing is that we must be constantly moving forward towards the predetermined goals. A few of them include better health management, deeper adoption of technology, focus on … Read more

Technology is paving way for Digital Transformation in the healthcare industry – ET HealthWorld

By Sandeep Bhambure The COVID-19 pandemic has severely disrupted the healthcare sector in India, bringing to light the social inequities within the industry. It has highlighted the urgent need to address these issues in order to stabilize as well as strengthen the overall system and drive the growth in the healthcare sector. This also accelerated … Read more

For digital healthcare to succeed, the government will have to be proactive in rising up to the challenges: M. Satish, MedleyMed – ET HealthWorld

Shahid Akhter, editor, ETHealthworld, spoke to M. Satish, Managing Director, Athena Global Technologies and MedleyMed to know more about the challenges in digitalizing business operations in the healthcare and how the PM’s initiative has injected the booster dose at the right time.Your assessment of challenges and opportunities in digitalizing business operations in the healthcare ?There … Read more

Metrics-based Approach to Analyze the Performance of a Healthcare Innovation Ecosystem – ET HealthWorld

By Rohan Kar & Anurag Wasnik An ecosystem-mapping exercise can provide valuable insights into any innovation ecosystem’s current and future state. It can also assist policy-makers in strategizing and prioritizing areas that might require short-term or long-term interventions and improvements. However, this might not suffice, and one must look at identifying KPIs (key performance indicators) … Read more

“Bringing stakeholders of health provisioning on one platform can make it UPI of health sector”: Dr Ram Sewak Sharma – ET HealthWorld

New Delhi: Technological advancements made in the healthcare sector has made it more accessible and has enabled better treatment for patients. For further redemption of the economy, collaboration between the government and the industry is essential to achieve many more milestones in the health sector in future, informed experts participating at the 8th National forum … Read more

Effective Healthcare Security Is Much More Than Compliance – ET HealthWorld

by Zakir Hussain When it comes to managing the security of their data and business-technology systems, many healthcare enterprises focus heavily on regulatory compliance efforts and patient privacy mandates. This is for an excellent reason — noncompliance can damage reputation. While it’s likely that focusing on regulatory compliance can incrementally improve security, that shift alone … Read more

Medtronic launches first-ever Open Innovation Platform in APAC – ET HealthWorld

Mumbai, India: Medical device maker, Medtronic announced the launch of) for APAC which will aid in strategic collaboration with various innovators across the healthcare ecosystem for developing healthcare through capability development, partnerships and business organizations networking in the areas of medical technology a nd digital health. The platform will enable Medtronic to explore and advance … Read more