Video of child taken to quarantine alone gains attention in China – CNN Video

A video of a small child wearing a hazmat suit and undergoing a CT scan all by himself has gone viral after being posted on a Chinese social media app by a nurse in Fujian province where authorities are trying to curb China’s latest outbreak of the Delta variant. CNN’s Ivan Watson reports. Source: CNN … Read more

US, EU will announce global pledge to reduce planet-warming methane emissions on Friday

The announcement would come on the same day that President Joe Biden and other world leaders hold a virtual, closed-door meeting on climate, ahead of a pivotal UN climate conference in Glasgow in November. That meeting is meant to raise climate ambition ahead of the Glasgow summit, the senior administration official told reporters on a … Read more

Prince Charles’ charity faces fresh investigation after reported donations from Russian banker

The Sunday Times reported that Prince Charles wrote a thank-you letter to Dmitry Leus and offered to meet him in person after receiving a large donation for The Prince’s Foundation in May 2020. In the letter, Charles reportedly wrote that he was “incredibly grateful” for Leus’ “immense generosity” and that the donation had given him … Read more

Prince Andrew served with legal papers for sex abuse lawsuit, Virginia Giuffre’s lawyers claim

Prince Andrew is being sued in New York by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who says he had sex with her when she was 17. Andrew has denied similar allegations from Giuffre in the past. Giuffre has launched a civil case seeking damages, but the lawsuit can’t proceed until the papers are served. In an affidavit filed … Read more

Bolsonaro supporters breach police cordon in protest against Brazil judiciary

Trucks honked their horns as hundreds of Bolsonaro supporters dressed in the green-and-yellow national colors cheered them through, videos posted on social media showed. But they failed however to reach their target of surrounding the Supreme Court, which some demonstrators have planned to occupy in a protest modeled on the Jan. 6 assault on the … Read more

El Salvador’s top court paves way for president’s re-election

The decision was delivered late Friday night by judges appointed in May by the country’s newly elected Congress — which is dominated by Bukele’s party — after the lawmakers removed the magistrates of the Supreme Court’s constitutional chamber and the attorney general. The top court’s ruling has drawn condemnation by the US government, rights groups … Read more

Afghanistan news: See what Taliban rule outside of Kabul looks like – CNN Video

A lot has changed since the Taliban were last in charge, like cell phones and social media. But much has not, especially Afghanistan’s enduring problem: poverty. The week after Kabul fell a local journalist took a road trip from the border to the capital. On this journey, two things become clear: the financial mess Afghanistan … Read more