Even With Mild COVID, Obesity May Mean Worse Symptoms

One expert not part of the study, Dr. Nicholas Kman, pointed out that even vaccinated patients can get a mild case of COVID-19. “We also know that when the immune system is compromised, like in severe obesity, we don’t mount as good a response to the vaccine,” said Kman, an emergency medicine physician at … Read more

Senate Republicans block Democrats’ Freedom to Vote Act – live

9.12pm BST21:12 Senate will soon vote on John Lewis Voting Rights Act, Schumer says After Senate Republicans successfully blocked Democrats’ Freedom to Vote Act, majority leader Chuck Schumer said he will soon bring another voting rights bill up for a vote. “The fight to protect our democracy is far from over in the United States … Read more

White House Announces Vaccination Plans for Younger Children

JOHN WHYTE: Welcome, everyone. You’re watching Coronavirus in Context. I’m Doctor John White, the Chief Medical Officer at WebMD. So who exactly needs boosters and when? When are we actually going to see a vaccine for kids? And should you wait as a parent for a little while once they’re available? And then, what’s the … Read more

WHO warns of rise in Covid cases across Europe for third consecutive week as restrictions are eased

A Covid patient breathes oxygen through a mask at the sub-intensive care unit of the Casalpalocco hospital, south of Rome, on October 13, 2021. Alberto Pizzoli | AFP | Getty Images Covid-19 cases in Europe have increased for the third consecutive week, World Health Organization officials said at a briefing Wednesday, urging caution as temperatures … Read more

6 reasons why Americans aren’t returning to work

A “Now Hiring” sign outside a store on Aug. 16, 2021 in Arlington, Virginia. OLIVIER DOULIERY | AFP | Getty Images On the surface, conditions may seem ripe for a boom in the U.S. labor market. There are still 5 million fewer jobs than before the pandemic but job openings are near record highs. And … Read more

Coronavirus news live: Singapore reports highest ever Covid cases, UK urged to enact ‘plan B’ or risk NHS crisis

7.37am BST07:37 Vaccine mandate to be introduced for most workers in Western Australia Away from the UK for a moment, Covid-19 vaccinations will become compulsory for most Western Australian workers, including teachers and supermarket staff, by the end of the year. The premier, Mark McGowan, said the drastic step is necessary to prepare the state … Read more

Covid news live: US to approve ‘mix and match’ booster shots, New Zealand reports record daily cases

6.56am BST06:56 Pandemic has spurred engagement in online extremism, experts say Dan Sabbagh Eighteen months of global lockdowns have led to growing engagement in a toxic online cocktail of extremist material ranging from terrorist content to conspiracy theories and disinformation, experts warn. Jacob Davey from the Institute of Strategic Dialogue (ISD) said studies had already … Read more

Washington mourns death of ‘trailblazer’ Colin Powell as tributes pour in – as it happened

1.12am BST01:12 Where things stand Today’s political news cycle has been a whirlwind. Congress returned from recess and Senators Bernie Sanders and Joe Manchin met with each other. Donald Trump has also sued the 6 January committee so he won’t have to turn over documents pertaining to the Capitol riot. Other news items include: The … Read more

Australia politics live: Scott Morrison in last-ditch talks with Nationals on net zero

Ready for more climate talk? Because you’ll be hearing a lot of it today. Again. Despite being one of the governing parties for the past eight years, and being heavily involved in the climate policy wars, the Nationals, led by Barnaby Joyce, have apparently never before considered a net zero by 2050 target. All we … Read more

Covid-related scams have bilked Americans out of $586 million

boonchai wedmakawand | Moment | Getty Images Consumers have lost $586 million to fraud linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, according to data from the Federal Trade Commission. Americans filed more than 269,000 fraud complaints from the beginning of 2020 to Oct. 14, 2021, according to most recent federal data. (Consumers cited Covid, stimulus or related … Read more