A shooter is on the run in Paris after killing one

The attacker fled the scene outside the Henry Dunant Hospital, in the 16th arrondissement of the French capital, using a two-wheeled vehicle. The prosecutor’s office said that initial investigations suggests the deceased, a 33-year-old man, was “intentionally targeted by the gunman.” The injured second victim, a 33-year-old woman, was identified as a security guard at … Read more

A muted mourning for Prince Philip as Covid-19 changes funeral plans

Saluting batteries fired 41 rounds, at one round per minute, at Windsor Castle where the duke died, as well as by the Tower of London in the capital and at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, among other locations. Australia, a Commonwealth nation, also paid its respects with a gun salute outside Parliament House in the capital, … Read more

Bus torched in more Northern Ireland violence as British and Irish leaders call for calm

In west Belfast on Wednesday, rioters clashed along the so-called “peace line” dividing predominantly unionist and nationalist communities, with police struggling to close a gate designed to separate the areas. A bus was set on fire on Lanark Way near the junction with Shankill Road, police said. Photos and video from the scene showed youths … Read more

As her male counterparts sit, an EU President is left awkwardly standing

In a video of the awkward moment in Ankara, von der Leyen seems unsure of where to sit, gestures with her right hand and says “ehm” as Erdogan and European Council President Charles Michel take their seats. Von der Leyen was eventually offered a seat on a nearby sofa, opposite Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, … Read more

Satellite images show huge Russian military buildup in the Arctic

Weapons experts and Western officials have expressed particular concern about one Russian ‘super-weapon,’ the Poseidon 2M39 torpedo. Development of the torpedo is moving fast with Russian President Vladimir Putin requesting an update on a “key stage” of the tests in February from his defense minister Sergei Shoigu, with further tests planned this year, according to … Read more

Pope condemns ‘scandalous’ armed conflicts in scaled-down Easter Sunday mass

Francis led the service in St. Peter’s Basilica, in a scaled-back event due to Covid-19 precautions. He also called for vaccines to be shared with the world’s poorest countries. “The pandemic is still spreading, while the social and economic crisis remains severe, especially for the poor. Nonetheless — and this is scandalous — armed conflicts … Read more

London records zero Covid-19 daily deaths for first time in six months as cases soar elsewhere in Europe

Public Health England (PHE) statistics from Sunday showed no fatalities within 28 days of a positive Covid-19 test in the UK capital, while the country as a whole recorded 19 deaths. The last daily record of zero deaths in the capital was on September 14 before a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic struck Britain. … Read more

Doctors warn Paris ICUs could be overwhelmed by Covid-19 surge

“We will be forced to select which patients get access to the ICUs and which do not in order to save as many lives as possible. This triage will involve all patients, Covid and non-Covid, especially regarding access to critical care for adult patients,” the op-ed read. As of Saturday night, there were 1,429 patients … Read more

Russian socialite TV host under fire for interview with serial rapist

Ksenia Sobchak interviewed 70-year-old Viktor Mokhov who was sentenced in 2005 to 17 years in prison for the kidnap and rape of two teenage girls, whom he kept in a basement for almost four years. Mokhov — known as the “Skopin maniac” — starved, beat, raped and poisoned the girls with tear gas, according to … Read more