India’s ‘digital vaccine’ that prevents real world health issues through metaverse gets first global patent – ET HealthWorld

Indian biomedical tech entrepreneur Bhargav Sri Prakash has been awarded the first patent globally by the US patent office for a ‘digital vaccine’, a platform that prevents real world health issues through the metaverse. Digital vaccines use applications via smart-phones, tablets, and other similar devices for nudging positive human behaviour through neurocognitive training. Sri Prakash, … Read more

‘Friend-Shoring’ Might Be Bad for Global Growth, Inflation

As geopolitical tensions rise, Western governments have urged international companies to shift more business to friendly countries. Some critics think that could split the global economy into hostile camps, hurting growth and worsening inflation. Advocates think “friend-shoring,” as the trend is nicknamed, can protect access to vital raw materials and components, drawing on lessons learned … Read more

Global Monkeypox Cases Rise to More Than 550

June 1, 2022 — More than 550 cases of monkeypox have been reported worldwide, according to an update from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. The U.S. CDC now reports 18 cases across nine states, double the previous count from last week. Monkeypox cases have been identified in over 30 countries, according to … Read more

Bottleneck Fuels Record-High Gas Prices

A shortage of fuel-making facilities is pushing U.S. gasoline and diesel prices to record levels, just as drivers prepare for the summer driving season. Gasoline prices topped $4 a gallon in all 50 U.S. states in recent days for the first time ever, even though global crude oil prices have pulled back from highs reached … Read more

India drops to 54th place on Travel and Tourism Development Index, top-ranked in South Asia

India was on Tuesday ranked at the 54th place in a global travel and tourism development index, down from 46th in 2019, but still remained on the top within South Asia. Japan has topped the global charts, followed by the US, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austraila, UK, Singapore and Italy in the top ten. The … Read more

Global Warming Could Mean Less Sleep for Billions

By Dennis Thompson HealthDay Reporter FRIDAY, May 20, 2022 (HealthDay News) — Anyone who’s tried to sleep on a hot summer night knows how hard it is to nod off when the mercury is rising. So it’s no surprise that global warming is likely to cost people more and more shut-eye as temperatures around the … Read more

Nations Aim to Secure Supply Chains by Turning Offshoring Into ‘Friend-Shoring’

WASHINGTON—As war and the pandemic expose the fragility of supply chains, the U.S. and its allies are pursuing a new kind of global trade, one that confines commerce to a circle of trusted nations. Fans call the shift “friend-shoring.” The new strategy is a departure from economic globalization of recent decades, when businesses bought and … Read more

Power Executives See Roadblocks to Decarbonization Efforts

Efforts to shift the U.S. electrical grid off fossil fuels have major obstacles to overcome to meet the Biden administration’s decarbonization targets, let alone some companies’ more ambitious goals, executives said at an industry event this week. “If we have to decarbonize the entire economy by 2050, electricity has to go a hell of a … Read more

Biden Administration Restores Stricter Environmental Reviews

WASHINGTON—The Biden administration is restoring stricter environmental standards for approving new pipelines, highways, power plants and other construction projects, including requiring consideration of how such projects might affect climate change. The changes announced Tuesday reinstate National Environmental Policy Act measures that had been removed by former President Donald Trump, who said that federal regulations were … Read more

Utilities Plan Huge Electric Grid Upgrades, Adding to Power Bills

American utilities are planning their biggest spending increases in decades to upgrade aging grids, prepare for electric vehicles and make the transition to renewable energy—moves poised to further boost power costs as consumers face historic inflation. The plans propose tens of billions of dollars in spending in the coming years to reduce carbon emissions, partly … Read more