Alcohol deaths hit record high during Covid pandemic

ONS spokesman Ben Humberstone said: “Today’s data shows that in the first three quarters of 2020, alcohol-specific deaths in England and Wales reached the highest level since the beginning of our data series, with April to September, during and after the first lockdown, seeing higher rates compared to the same period in previous years.” Source … Read more

How Does Alcohol Affect Heart Failure?

Asking heart failure patients about their alcohol habits is something cardiologist David Brown, MD, does every day. So he was surprised when one of them, an older man who always told Brown that he didn’t drink, was contradicted by his wife when she came along for his checkup. “She looked incredulously at me and … Read more

Is It OK to Drink Alcohol If You Have COPD?

If you’re living with COPD, you may have already made some lifestyle changes to stay healthy and make it less likely that your condition will get worse, which is great. And you might wonder if alcohol could prevent, improve, or make COPD worse. Here’s what the science says about drinking alcohol when you have COPD. … Read more

Is There a Link Between Breast Cancer and Chronic Inflammation?

SOURCES: Journal of Clinical Oncology: “Elevated Biomarkers of Inflammation Are Associated With Reduced Survival Among Breast Cancer Patients.” International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health: “Inflammatory Biomarkers and Breast Cancer Risk: A Systematic Review of the Evidence and Future Potential for Intervention Research.” Current Pharmaceutical Design: “Inflammation Fuels Tumor Progress and … Read more

How Does Alcohol Affect COPD?

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease — otherwise known as COPD — is a chronic lung disease. When you have COPD, you might have a cough, shortness of breath, wheezing, or have trouble breathing. Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of COPD. If you have COPD, managing the symptoms and making lifestyle changes can be … Read more

How Alcohol Affects Crohn’s Disease and the Medicines You Take to Treat It

SOURCES: Mayo Clinic: “Crohn’s disease.” Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation: “Malnutrition & IBD,” “Substance Abuse,” “What Should I Eat?” Garth Swanson, MD, associate professor of medicine; director, Crohn’s and Colitis Center, Rush University Medical Center. Digestion: “Is Moderate Red Wine Consumption Safe in Inactive Inflammatory Bowel Disease?” Lab Tests Online: “Calprotectin.” Harvard Medical School: “Leaky … Read more