RESET TECH, S-VYASA launch ‘Swastha Shakti Programme’ – ET HealthWorld

New Delhi: AI-driven health-tech platform RESET TECH and S-VYASA yoga university and research centre today on International Day of Yoga announced the start of the ‘Swastha Shakti Program’. The programme will host wellbeing activities, holistic offerings, and masterclasses. The objective of the programme is to create awareness of the rising cases of chronic diseases among … Read more

Health Tech Trends To Watch Out For – ET HealthWorld

by Varun Dhawan With the launch and resounding success of the Digital India plan by the government, our country is consistently moving towards digital empowerment in all aspects of life. Healthcare is no stranger to the favorable outcomes this movement is bringing. With numerous supportive policies and plans to fortify the digital healthcare market, reports … Read more

Driving impact in healthcare through simple and scalable tech innovations – ET HealthWorld

By Abhijit Bose About 75 percent of India’s population resides in villages whereas the majority of doctors and medical professionals practice in urban areas. Access to quality healthcare and consulting with certified doctors is a massive challenge for people living in rural areas, thus making it difficult for them to get the right healthcare advice … Read more

Gluten-Sensing Tech May Change Fight Against Celiac Disease

May 31, 2022 – About 7% of the U.S. population – including those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivities – experience symptoms like belly pain, diarrhea, and chronic fatigue when they eat gluten. The only known treatment is a gluten-free diet, which can be a big challenge because even many “gluten-free” products include trace amounts … Read more

Medicine, AI, and Bias: Will Bad Data Undermine Good Tech?

May 18, 2022 – Imagine walking into the Library of Congress, with its millions of books, and having the goal of reading them all. Impossible, right? Even if you could read every word of every work, you wouldn’t be able to remember or understand everything, even if you spent a lifetime trying. Now let’s say … Read more

‘Use new tech to cure bone cancer rather than using implants’ – ET HealthWorld

Jaipur: During a conference on bone cancer in the city, cancer and orthopaedic experts advocated that before opting to replace the cancerous bone with an implant, doctors should make an effort to cure the cancer of the bone by using the latest technique. Experts said that the cancerous bone can be recycled by using a … Read more

Leisure: Reimagining the libraries of future

In the autumn of 2019, a new virtual reality (VR) installation arrived in India to the joy of fans of the new technology in the country. This VR artwork was especially important to book lovers. It was Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis in VR. Headset-wearing visitors virtually entered the room of Kafka’s character Gregor Samsa, a … Read more

China’s Weibo shows user locations to combat ‘bad behavior’

The move, posted on Weibo’s official account, garnered over 200 million views and was widely discussed, with some users rattled by the perceived reduction in their online anonymity. “Every IP address seems to be whispering in your ear: ‘You be careful,’” wrote user Misty. Others, however, said they were supportive of the measures, in light … Read more

Chinese drone maker DJI halts business in Russia and Ukraine

The move marks a rare exit from Russia by a prominent Chinese company since the war started, and comes after Ukrainian authorities claimed that DJI’s drones were being used by the Russian military. In a brief statement on Tuesday, the Shenzhen-based company said “it is internally reassessing compliance requirements in various jurisdictions,” and would “temporarily … Read more

Will You Have Cardiac Arrest? New Tech May Predict If and When

April 26, 2022 – Deaths from COVID-19 may have caught more attention lately, but heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the U.S. More than 300,000 Americans will die this year of sudden cardiac arrest (also called sudden cardiac death, or SCD), when the heart abruptly stops working. These events happen suddenly and … Read more