Vaccinations Voluntary for UAW Members

Nov 25, 2021 — The Big Three automakers and the United Auto Workers say unionized workers will not be required to have COVID-19 vaccinations. The statement from the COVID-19 Joint Task Force of UAW, Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler’s parent company, Stellantis, said workers are encouraged but not mandated to get vaccinated. “In addition to … Read more

Market is ‘one more bad inflation report’ away from a correction, Wharton’s Jeremy Siegel warns

Long-term market bull Jeremy Siegel expects a serious pullback that it isn’t tied to the Covid-19 surge risks. His tipping point: a drastic change in Federal Reserve policy in order to deal with hot inflation. “If the Fed suddenly gets tougher, I’m not sure that the market is going to be ready for a U-turn … Read more

Austria re-imposes a full Covid lockdown and makes vaccination mandatory

Austrian police officers check a man’s identity and vaccination certificate during a control in Voesendorf, district Moedling, Austria, on November 16, 2021. Hans Punz | AFP | Getty Images Austria will enter a fourth national lockdown on Monday as Covid-19 cases continue to surge. The country’s unvaccinated are already barred from leaving their homes for … Read more

Austrian police conduct random checks to enforce Covid lockdowns for the unvaccinated

Police officers monitor compliance with the lockdown in Innsbruck during the first day of a nationwide lockdown for people not yet vaccinated against the Covid-19. Jan Hetfleisch | Getty Images Austria has imposed fresh lockdown measures on around 2 million unvaccinated people, with individuals facing fines if they fail to comply with the rules. Those … Read more

Biden vaccine mandate legal battle heads to federal appeals court with GOP-appointed majority

People shout slogans against the government as they arrive to the City Hall in protest of COVID-19 vaccine mandate in New York City, October 25, 2021. Eduardo Munoz | Reuters A federal appeals court with a GOP-appointed majority will decide the fate of President Joe Biden’s vaccine and testing requirements for private businesses, casting further … Read more

Top tech investor Paul Meeks won’t put new money to work in Apple and other FAANG names, blames chip shortage that could extend through 2023

The hunt for a new phone or car may get more stressful. Investor Paul Meeks warns Wall Street is underestimating the semiconductor shortage. He believes it’ll take years instead of months to get resolved. “This might be a problem that persists deep into 2023,” the Independent Solutions Wealth Management portfolio manager told “Trading Nation” on … Read more

Biden vaccine mandate solves some problems for HR chiefs — but creates new ones

Signage is seen on a restaurant window as the vaccine mandate commenced during the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in New York, August 17, 2021. Andrew Kelly | Reuters The Covid-19 vaccine mandate is solving some thorny issues for chief human resources officers — but it’s creating new problems that are tougher to solve. … Read more

‘This is going to be one of the best Christmas seasons ever,’ market bull Ed Yardeni says

Long-time market bull Ed Yardeni is delivering a dose of optimism into year-end. Yardeni, who’s known for running investment strategy for Prudential and Deutsche Bank, expects the holidays to boost stocks deeper into record territory. “This is going to be one of the best Christmas seasons ever,” the president of Yardeni Research told CNBC’s “Trading … Read more

A New Era in Hope and Health Equity: Malaria Vaccinations

  By Sophia Ononye-Onyia, PhD, MPH, MBA I was born in Enugu, Nigeria. Malaria was a gruesome reality for all of us. In fact, a child dies from malaria every two minutes, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). So, I was obviously ecstatic when the WHO announced its recommendation for widespread use of the first malaria … Read more

‘Buckle your seatbelts’ because earnings will start to disappoint, long-term bull Art Hogan warns

Earnings season may turn an ugly corner. Long-term bull Art Hogan warns a storm of disappointing corporate guidance and missed revenue targets is ahead. “Buckle your seatbelts,” the National Securities’ chief market strategist told CNBC’s “Trading Nation” on Friday. “This will be the first time in the cycle you’re actually going to hear more companies … Read more