Ethical Questions Surround COVID Vaccine Passports

April 2, 2021 — As discussions about “vaccine passports” accelerate with more people worldwide completing their COVID-19 shots, ethical quandaries are coming into focus. Mark A. Hall, JD, of the schools of law and medicine at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC, and David M. Studdert, ScD, LLB, of the schools of law and … Read more

Rheumatoid Arthritis: How to Advocate for Yourself

To stay healthy and manage your rheumatoid arthritis (RA), it’s best to take an active role in your treatment. Understanding your disease, weighing your options, and forming a partnership with your doctors will help you advocate for what you need. “Remember than you are at the center of your care,” says Adena Batterman, … Read more

10 Questions With Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer Actor/author/singer, 27, New York 1. Your new movie, Alice, is about a woman who escapes servitude in 1800s Georgia, only to discover that it’s 1973. Although production has been pushed back, what appealed to you about the role? Though we’re tackling things such as slavery and oppression and … Read more

Your vaccine questions answered by an expert

The UK begins a mass Covid-19 vaccination programme on Tuesday, beginning with the elderly, health workers, and carers. The country was the first to approve use of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. Is the vaccine safe for people with chronic illnesses? What demographics was the vaccine tested on? Dr Penny Ward, a professor of pharmaceutical medicine, answers … Read more

Covid: Your Questions Answered by Prof Van-Tam

England’s deputy chief medical officer has been answering questions from members of the British public about Covid-19, including on vaccine safety and effectiveness. Appearing in a live BBC News special, Prof Jonathan Van-Tam talked about the advice he’s given his mum, rolled out a football analogy and even faced one query about Father Christmas. Read … Read more

5 Important Questions About Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine

By Arthur Allen Wednesday, November 11, 2020 (Kaiser News) — Pfizer’s announcement on Monday that its COVID-19 shot appears to keep nine in 10 people from getting the disease sent its stock price rocketing. Many news reports described the vaccine as if it were our deliverance from the pandemic, even though few details were … Read more

Bihar election: Opposition questions BJP’s free Covid-19 vaccine claim, party responds

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) released its manifesto for Bihar election 2020, seeking to reach out to the people in the state with a promise of a free coronavirus vaccine and an assurance of 19 lakh jobs over the next five years, if the party is elected to power. Carrying the tagline ‘BJP hai to … Read more