Chinese naval ships join retrieval efforts for Indonesian submarine

Three Chinese vessels, one with a manned submersible capable of descending to 10,000 metres (32,800 ft), have arrived in Indonesian waters to help retrieve a submarine that sank and broke apart last month, killing 53 on board, an official said. Indonesian navy officials and experts have acknowledged how difficult the salvage operation will be to … Read more

Here’s what it costs to work remotely in 4 global hotspots

Google may be calling people back into the office, but many other companies — not to mention entrepreneurs — are still committed to remote work. From Croatia to Barbados, destinations provide vastly different experiences for foreigners who wish to work from new shores. The weather is usually better (save hurricanes), and costs can be cheaper … Read more

Remote workers want to live in Asia, but Asia doesn’t seem to want them quite yet

It’s often said that remote workers can work from any place that has an internet connection. But tell that to someone who wants to live and work in Bangkok or Bali right now. The coronavirus pandemic has pushed millions of workers from their offices into their homes — and many have decided they want to … Read more

A new wellness trend lets vacationers do the unthinkable — keep working