Biden set to impose restrictions on US travel from India amid Covid crisis – live

WASHINGTON, April 30 (Reuters) – U.S. President Joe Biden is expected to impose new travel restrictions on India starting Tuesday in light of the COVID-19 epidemic, barring most non-U.S. citizens from entering the United States, a White House official told Reuters. The new restrictions are on the advice of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control … Read more

Coronavirus live news: emergency supplies from US arrive in India; UK cuts international aid by almost a third

The United Kingdom said Thursday it is temporarily reducing its international aid from £14.5bn (about $20bn) last year to £10bn this year ($14bn) because of the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and two UN agencies announced huge funding cuts of more than 80%, AP reports. The UN Population Fund, which now calls itself the … Read more

Biden marks 100 days in office by unveiling ‘blue-collar blueprint’ package – live

CNN reported on Thursday that two possible incidents on US soil are part of the investigation. One took place in November last year near the Ellipse, the large oval lawn on the south side of the White House, in which an official from the national security council suddenly fell sick. The other was in 2019 … Read more

Coronavirus live news: India reports record new infections, deaths; world nears 150m cases

Nearly 1 in 50 people worldwide have had Covid; third of Mexicans show exposure to coronavirus; Cambodia reports national record new cases Facebook blocked hashtag calling for Modi to resign over pandemic Arundhati Roy on India’s Covid catastrophe Explainer: why is getting medical oxygen in some countries so difficult? See all our coronavirus coverage 8.48am … Read more

Joe Biden to set out plans to reshape America in first address to Congress – live

4.39pm BST16:39 Melissa Davey Dr Anthony Fauci, the White House’s chief medical adviser, said countries have failed to unite to provide an adequate global response to prevent the “tragic” coronavirus outbreak from overwhelming India in an interview with Guardian Australia: “The only way that you’re going to adequately respond to a global pandemic is by … Read more

Biden to give Covid update as pressure builds on US to help India and others – live

Biden spent his first 100 days in office encouraging Americans to mask up and stay home to slow the spread of the coronavirus. His task for the next 100 days will be to lay out the path back to normal. When he entered office, Biden moved swiftly to overcome vaccine supply issues and more than … Read more

Coronavirus live news: Germany restricts travel from India ; children ‘left behind’ in vaccine trials, says UK expert

I’m a paediatrician, and in my normal life, I spend my time doing vaccine trials in children, and children are very much prioritised for most vaccines, so it’s a very weird and unusual situation we’re in now because I and other colleagues have spent the last year doing vaccine trials in adults and mostly in … Read more

Biden to visit UK on first overseas trip and meet PM he once called a Trump clone – live

US president kicks off second day of virtual summit Caitlyn Jenner announces run for California governor 6.47pm BST Joe Biden’s first overseas trip as president will be to Britain and then Belgium this June in what the White House is calling “a commitment to restoring our alliances” and “revitalizing the transatlantic relationship”, without adding “after … Read more

Turkey’s President Erdogan Ousts Central Bank Governor

ISTANBUL—Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan dismissed the central bank governor as the country is beset by its second currency crisis in two years. In a decree published in the early hours of Saturday, Mr. Erdogan ended the mandate of Murat Uysal, who had led the institution since the summer of 2019, replacing him with Naci … Read more