Russia-Ukraine war: eastern city captured by Russia; up to 20,000 mercenaries deployed in Donbas – live

7.29pm BST 19:29 Officials in Kharkiv are reporting another round of deaths and injuries from “non-stop” Russian shelling of the city, separate from an earlier incident that killed at least four. Four people, including three emergency workers, were killed on Tuesday, according to the Kharkiv mayor Ihor Terekhov, and reported by Reuters. Terekhov said on … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war: Russian deadline for Mariupol defenders to ‘surrender or die’ passes – live

12.01pm BST 12:01 Russia says it is “concerned” about increased activity of Nato forces in the Arctic and sees risks of “unintended incidents” occurring in the region, Reuters reports. The news agency cited the TASS news agency, which carried quotes from Russian ambassador-at-large Nikolai Korchunov on Sunday. “The recent increase in Nato’s activity in the … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war latest: Kyiv official says 900 civilian bodies found; Russia labels journalist and analyst as ‘foreign agents’ – live

France will make housing and family benefits available for Ukrainian refugees once the emergency lodging phase is over, the country’s interior ministry said on Friday. France will give displaced Ukrainians the right to access aid for personal housing with family supplements, as well as benefits for family maintenance, it said in a statement. According to … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war latest: Putin appoints new war commander; Johnson Kyiv visit ‘very important’ – live

Vladimir Putin has appointed a new general to direct the war in Ukraine as his military shifts plans after a failure to take Kyiv, according to a US official and a European official. The Associated Press (@AP) Russia has appointed a new Ukraine war commander, a U.S. official said Sunday. One of Russia’s most experienced … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war latest: Kyiv calls for global response to Kramatorsk ‘war crime’; reports of Russian military shake-up – live

On a two-day visit to a Ukrainian village occupied by Russian forces for more than a month, Shaun Walker spoke to residents who recounted stories of killings and looting by a demoralised invasion force: The day the Russians arrived in the sleepy, windswept village of Staryi Bykiv, they killed six men. By the time they … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war latest: children among at least 50 people killed in Kramatorsk train station attack – live

Sofya Donets, chief economist at Renaissance Capital, said the ruble recovery has been aided by an unprecedented trade surplus amid high energy prices. Oil and gas, Russia’s main exports, keep flowing abroad, filling Russia’s coffers. The United States has banned Russian oil imports and the EU adopted a ban on Russian steel imports but those … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war: Ukraine pleads for more weapons from Nato as Zelenskiy dismisses fresh sanctions – live news

Ukraine is winning it on the ground, tactically, operationally, internationally, strategically. I will say information-wise, the information warfare is definitely critical. Unfortunately, you know, Putin is still in power and he’s winning the war at home. He is slowly but surely recreating the Soviet system – a totalitarian system that bans all dissent and stifles … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war latest: Zelenskiy to address UN after warning Borodyanka atrocities may be worse than Bucha

7.59am BST 07:59 Red Cross team released after being held during attempt to evacuate Mariupol A team from the International Committee of the Red Cross has been released after being stopped during an attempt to reach the southern Ukrainian city of Mariupol and held in nearby Manhush, Ukrainian deputy prime minister Iryna Vereshchuk has said. … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war latest: Biden calls for Putin war crimes trial; Borodyanka worse than Bucha, says Ukrainian prosecutor

9.41pm BST 21:41 The United States will request Russia’s removal from the UN human rights council, Reuters reports. Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US ambassador to the United Nations, called for the international body to suspend Russia ideally some time this week. “Russia’s participation on the Human Rights Council is a farce,” said Thomas-Greenfield. “And it is … Read more

Elon Musk takes 9.2% stake in Twitter; cost of living crisis hits UK consumer confidence – business live

Good morning, and welcome to our live rolling coverage of business, economics and financial markets. The cost of living crisis has knocked UK consumer confidence down to its lowest level since the pandemic, as rising food and energy bills hammer families. There has been a “significant and sustained drop-off in consumer sentiment”, leading to the … Read more