Biden admits ‘we’re not going to get $3.5tn’ on sweeping investment plan – live

Joe Biden conceded on Friday that the final version of his sweeping social policy and climate change initiative – often referred to as the $3.5tn reconciliation bill – would not be $3.5tn. “We’re not going to get $3.5tn. We’ll get less than that,” Biden said, during an event at the Capitol Child Development Center in … Read more

Coronavirus live: UK booster shot rollout for vulnerable a ‘chaotic failure’; Covid pass now mandatory for all workers in Italy

7.06am BST07:06 Good morning, it is Martin Belam here in London taking over from Samantha Lock. It is transport minister Grant Shapps doing the media round in the UK today. I’ll bring you any Covid-related lines from his appearances shortly. 6.50am BST06:50 South Korea to lift curbs on social gatherings South Korea said on Friday … Read more

Coronavirus live: WHO experts to revive virus origins inquiry; UK Covid situation ‘quite stable’, says health secretary

Yes, of course I’m sorry. Obviously I am new in the role but on behalf of the government I am sorry for, during the pandemic, anyone that suffered, especially anyone that lost a loved one, a mother, a dad, a brother, a sister, a friend. Of course I am sorry for that. Also all those … Read more

Australia Covid live news update: Victoria looks to open early as 70% vaccine target met; NSW to decide on plan for 80% opening

10.09pm BST22:09 New Zealand’s defeat by the Delta strain of Covid-19 could see a relaxation of international border rules by Christmas, reports Ben McKay from AAP. And Jacinda Ardern’s government is preparing to allow Kiwis with Covid-19 to stay at home or isolate at community facilities if they do not need hospital-level care. A predicted … Read more

Covid news live: US set to open land borders, Bali prepares to welcome back tourists

8.18am BST08:18 Ed Miliband is doing the UK media round for the opposition Labour party this morning. He’s just been questioned on Sky News about whether Labour should be apologising, in the wake of yesterday’s damning report on the country’s Covid response, for failing to force the government into an earlier lockdown. He said that … Read more

Australia Covid news live update: Victoria records 1,571 cases, 13 deaths; NSW 444 cases, four deaths; federal cabinet to debate net zero target

I think the Victorian Liberal party have a lot to answer for … What I did within 24 hours, along with Daniel Andrews of the Channel Nine revelations on 60 Minutes, was expel Adam. We then went and intervened into the Victorian branch … We suspended operations of the membership committee. We wrote to every … Read more

Coronavirus live: UK Covid response a ‘public health failure’, inquiry finds, Thailand set to welcome back tourists

Reading the report is pretty sobering, even if you’ve been following the evidence sessions to the inquiry. A few things that stand out: Hesitating over full lockdown “reflected a fatalism about the spread of Covid that should have been robustly challenged at the time.” … The UK made a “serious early error” in not considering … Read more

Australia Covid news live update: Victoria records 1,466 cases, eight deaths; 360 cases, five deaths in NSW ahead of recovery package announcement

So then how do we do it? We do it by moving to a well-being focus…Where it can be more difficult to make a diagnosis in the early days, we focus on wellbeing. It’s a spectrum. Is a child well or are they coping? Are they struggling? Or are they unwell?… That framework is something … Read more

Australia Covid live update: Victoria records 1,890 cases and five deaths; NSW 477 cases and six deaths ahead of state reopening

Lockdown for those fully vaccinated set to lift in Sydney at midnight as Victoria releases secondary contacts from requirement to isolate amid a surge in cases. Follow updates live NSW vaccination verification app update still weeks away Sharri Markson’s book on Wuhan lab theory raises more questions than it answers NSW and Vic restrictions; Vic … Read more

Coronavirus live news: UK reports 34,950 cases as two million receive booster jabs; Italy records 46 deaths

7.29pm BST19:29 This week, New Zealand’s locked down cities woke to a brave new world of lifted restrictions: state-sanctioned picnics in parks, the prospect of reopening schools, a chance to reunite with friends and family. Infusing the visions of grass-stained blankets and beach-side beers, however, is a strong dose of Covid anxiety. Cases continue to … Read more