The Role of Digital Healthcare Platforms in Innovation – ET HealthWorld

By Pallavi Palparthy The pandemic has irrevocably changed our notion of access to health services, ushering a new era of healthcare delivery no longer defined by physical constraints or availability of health experts in one’s city. Digital solutions have truly come of age, across sectors, and the healthcare services are no different. Digital healthcare platforms … Read more

The pivotal role of digital technologies to achieve optimal patient outcomes – ET HealthWorld

REUTERS/ Ronen Zvulun By Dr. Sreenivasan Narayana The response to the pandemic has required real-time and continuous innovation that ensures quality care. In the last 15 months, while treating the rising tide of patients with COVID-19, many doctors found themselves working in an unfamiliar setting, treating an unknown disease. With little known about the coronavirus … Read more

Discovering the Role of Automation and AI in a pandemic era – ET HealthWorld

By Anil Bhasin The Pandemic has accelerated the adoption and scaling of AI and automation across sectors, designing a whole new world for us. Minimising human contact and enabling a remote workforce has become imperative, and in this scenario, organisations including governments, hospitals and banks have realised the need and importance of considering automation to … Read more

The role of emerging technologies in managing the COVID situation – ET HealthWorld

By Abhishek Agarwal Even before the pandemic hit us, start-ups had already begun working on the development of technology-driven solutions that could help medical professionals achieve better outcomes. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in conjunction with medical imaging techniques to improve the quality of diagnosis. Start-ups specializing in Machine Learning are developing algorithms with decision-making … Read more

What Role Does Artificial Intelligence Play in Medicine?

SOURCES: Anthony Chang, MD, chief intelligence and innovation officer, Children’s Hospital of Orange County; founder and medical director, Medical Intelligence and innovation Institute (MI3), Orange, CA. Isabel Healthcare: “Overview of the Isabel Symptom Checker.” Bertalan Mesko, PhD, director, The Medical Futurist Institute; author, My Health: Upgraded and The Guide to the Future of Medicine , Budapest, … Read more

The Role of Augmented Reality in Medicine

You’ve heard of virtual reality, but how about augmented reality? The name might sound unfamiliar, but chances are you may have used it and not realized it. You may have even played a game that’s built on it. A popular example is Pokémon Go, a smartphone app that lets you go around your neighborhood or … Read more