DRDO Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics develops ‘Atman AI’ for Covid detection in Chest X-rays – ET HealthWorld

Bangalore: DRDO Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics on Friday announced that it has developed an Artificial Intelligence algorithm, “ATMAN AI” for Chest X Rays screening to detect Covid-19, in collaboration with 5C Network & HCG Academics. This new AI tool will be used by 5C Network, India’s largest digital network of Radiologists, with support … Read more

Improving Virtual Care Experiences through Digital Age Constituents in Healthcare: Venky Ananth – ET HealthWorld

By Venky Ananth, SVP and global head of Healthcare at Infosys Until early last year, patients accessed healthcare only by visiting a clinic. This status quo for almost every patient worldwide changed with the outbreak of Covid-19. While virtual care has been around for some time now, it took a pandemic for the government of … Read more

Non-communicable diseases top cause of death in India; AI, Big Data can help in prevention: Apollo Hospitals – ET HealthWorld

New Delhi: The contribution of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) as the top causes of death in India has risen to a staggering 64.9 per cent as compared to communicable diseases, maternal and other causes that dropped to 25 per cent, Apollo Hospitals Group said on Wednesday. The healthcare major also unveiled a report on the ‘Health … Read more

4 Ways AI Can Help with Covid-19 Vaccination: Svetlana Sicular – ET HealthWorld

By Svetlana Sicular, Research Vice President, GartnerThe world mobilized for an incredible fight following the onset of the global Covid-19 pandemic, and managed to develop safe and effective vaccines in record time. Now that the first vaccines are out, the planet is facing three huge challenges: manufacturing, distribution, and administration. The artificial intelligence (AI) community … Read more

Researchers use artificial intelligence in battle against asbestos-linked cancer – ET HealthWorld

Leicester: International genomics research led by the University of Leicester has used artificial intelligence (AI) to study an aggressive form of cancer, which could improve patient outcomes. Mesothelioma is caused by breathing asbestos particles and most commonly occurs in the linings of the lungs or abdomen. Currently, only seven per cent of people survive five … Read more

How analysis empowered by data is driving Covid predictions in India and worldwide

For instance, healthcare sectors can create a plan to organize more beds or other medical resources if there is a surge hospital in COVID-19 cases. Dr Kanav Kahol,  The world failed to prevent the Novel Coronavirus from spreading initially, which turned into a fatal pandemic. Henceforth, quick strategies became crucial to getting rid of the … Read more

Intelligent Automation in Healthcare-an untapped opportunity: Dev Singh – ET HealthWorld

by Dev SinghFounder & CEO, AiRo Digital Labs Pvt Ltd So far, 2021 has turned out much better than its predecessor, there’s light at the end of this long tunnel and the Covid-19 vaccines are here. Considering the vaccination progress so far, it seems as if the entire world will be vaccinated by the third … Read more

Five technology trends in the pharma industry – ET HealthWorld

By Hiren Dhuvad, Founder & CEO, Indigital Technologies Technology advancement has brought about a revolution in the medical industry and it has led to significant growth of the sector. Robust technology in the medical field is considered as the main pillar in the present times due to its effective role in delivering high-end and swift … Read more

Solving the Myriad Challenges in Healthcare Through AI-Driven Analytics – ET HealthWorld

File photo for representation purpose only By Venky AnanthSVP and global head of Healthcare at Infosys Remote areas usually have limited medical access. How do people handle emergency situations or for that matter even day to day sickness? Usually, they turn to quacks or self-medication or try to live through the pain before considering medical … Read more

Simbo.ai launches voice-enabled API platform SimboAlpha – ET HealthWorld

New Delhi: Simbo.ai on Wednesday announced the launch of SimboAlpha, its flagship cloud-based API (Application Programming Interface) technology platform, which allows electronic medical record providers, health app providers, and hospital chains to bring smart voice-based EMR to their doctors. SimboAlpha is a voice-based doctor assistant that creates Electronic Medical Record (EMR) documentation using advanced Artificial … Read more