Mental Wellness: The changing Indian attitude

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,digitallife has been amplified and our relationship with technology is being pushed to newer extremes and different territories. By Rinku Patnaik, Introduction Our life has become increasingly digitalised to the point where we are always connected and perpetually”on”. We are connected through cables and multiple gadgets,and Wi-Fisignals are our constant companions.In … Read more

Are you lonely and what you can do about it?

In India too, a number of people may suffer from pangs of loneliness even while being cosseted by family. (PTI Image) By Aruna Sankaranarayanan That the family is the most central and cohesive unit of our Indian social fabric is practically indisputable. Though the joint family system has increasingly splintered into nuclear residences, the family … Read more

Parenting in a Pandemic: Is your Connection stronger than the Wi-Fi?

Parents need to be convinced that boredom is healthy and children are creative enough to find their own means of play wherever they are with whatever they have. (Representational image: Reuters) By Seema Lal We all know parenting is a 24/7 job, but most of us did manage to shift that responsibility for at least … Read more