Are you lonely and what you can do about it?

In India too, a number of people may suffer from pangs of loneliness even while being cosseted by family. (PTI Image) By Aruna Sankaranarayanan That the family is the most central and cohesive unit of our Indian social fabric is practically indisputable. Though the joint family system has increasingly splintered into nuclear residences, the family … Read more

PCOS: Not a disease, but a health disorder: here’s all you need to know

Many women are unaware of the symptoms of PCOS while others disregard it due to its non-fatal nature. (Representational image: Reuters) By Aarti Gill  It is estimated that almost one in five women suffer from PCOS in India, and the numbers are only increasing. Often dubbed as a disease, it must be made clear that … Read more

World Heart Day: Read Dil Se! Pick these books for a heart-healthy life

To understand how your heart functions is essential to take care of your heart health. Your emotions are closely linked to your heart health, as are your daily lifestyle choices. (Representational image: IE) On World Heart Day, we need to understand how our hearts function and how emotions such as grief and sorrow and stress … Read more