International Day of Yoga: Explore yourself through Yoga

By Dr. Apar Avinash Saoji, In the words of the great Sage Vyasa, thoughts borne by the mind are like a river that can flow, which has the calibre to make him a Yogi or make him peccable. Yoga is not merely a practice for physical fitness, it is a unique path paved by one’s … Read more

World Hypertension Day 2022: 5 holistic ways to healthy lifestyle

By Sidhharrth S Kumaar Hypertension is a global health problem. It accounts for the death of about 8 million people worldwide every year. Unfortunately, our super busy schedules, lack of physical exercise, and absence of stress management tools are only adding to the raging numbers.  Also known as high blood pressure, hypertension is a silent killer. It … Read more

Healthy Lifestyle Benefits Heart After Cancer, Too

Dec. 29, 2021 — We know a healthy lifestyle can help prevent health issues — including cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes — but new research shows it may also lower the risk for heart disease and diabetes in people who already have had cancer. In a large study published in JACC: CardioOncology, researchers … Read more

How men and women are perceiving Fitness in today’s time

Physical differences between the sexes plays a key role on how they approach fitness. By Meenakshi Mohanty, Fitness and adopting a fit lifestyle has become an integral part in people lives. When we look at the fitness industry, we will see that women have come a long way. Men have always been encouraged to be … Read more

Healthier 2021: Laura’s Ready to Make Some Changes

  2020 was a wild ride. And for many of us, healthy eating, exercise, and self-care habits went flying off the rails. If you’re feeling ready to get back on track, we’re with you. Three of our editorial team members are making big changes in the New Year, and … Read more

Parenting in a Pandemic: Is your Connection stronger than the Wi-Fi?

Parents need to be convinced that boredom is healthy and children are creative enough to find their own means of play wherever they are with whatever they have. (Representational image: Reuters) By Seema Lal We all know parenting is a 24/7 job, but most of us did manage to shift that responsibility for at least … Read more

World Heart Day: Read Dil Se! Pick these books for a heart-healthy life

To understand how your heart functions is essential to take care of your heart health. Your emotions are closely linked to your heart health, as are your daily lifestyle choices. (Representational image: IE) On World Heart Day, we need to understand how our hearts function and how emotions such as grief and sorrow and stress … Read more

World Heart Day: These hidden factors can put your heart at risk

While sudden pain in the chest or the arm are obvious signs, there are plenty of others you should watch out for. By Dr. H P Bharathi   World Heart Day: Around the turn of the century, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) became the leading cause of mortality in India. The epidemiological transition can be attributed largely … Read more

World Heart Day 2020: Max Hospital to hold virtual cyclothon to raise awareness about healthy heart; Details

Cardiac problems among youth are treatable with diagnosis as well as care. World Heart Day 2020: The increasing cases of cardiovascular diseases are a worrisome aspect and there is a need to raise public awareness regarding the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. With that in mind, on the occasion of World Heart Day 2020 … Read more

COVID-19: Ayurveda’s emphasis on healthy food habits and good sleep

To the extent possible one should try to adopt the practice of having early and light dinner. (Representational image: IE) By Bhuvaneswari Ravindran Ayurveda recommends that good food habits have to be followed up with a healthy lifestyle and exercising. In these lock down days, when we are stuck at home, engaged in indoor activities only, … Read more