Australia news live updates: Ukraine ambassador flags need for further support; 30 Covid deaths recorded

River level rises were observed across the Hawkesbury Nepean Valley due to heavy rainfall Wednesday night and Thursday. Heavy rainfall has eased overnight Thursday. Further showers are forecast for Friday and Saturday which are not expected to produce renewed river level rises.

A moderate flood peak higher than the March 2022 floods passed Camden Thursday night. A major flood peak is expected along the Upper Nepean River at Wallacia Friday afternoon with river levels similar to March 2022 expected.

Warragamba dam is spilling. Major flooding is likely along the Hawkesbury River at North Richmond from early Friday afternoon as a result of significant flows from the Upper Nepean. Moderate flooding is occurring at Windsor. River level rises have been observed along the Upper Colo River, and minor flooding is possible at Putty Road Friday morning.

Predictions for Lower Portland and Wisemans Ferry will be provided after upstream peaks are observed.

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