Australia news live update: NSW’s deadliest day with 46 Covid deaths including one infant; 20 deaths in Victoria, one in Tas; WA delays reopening

We’ve looked at the underlying health conditions of those 28 [people under 65 who died between 15 and 21 January] and I would like to say that many had multiple health conditions. Four of the 28 did not have significant underlying health conditions and three of those were unvaccinated and one had had two doses, … Read more

Australia news live update: no rapid test stockpiling, PM says; 60 Covid deaths nationally; TGA approves two oral treatments and Novavax vaccine

We are seeing a lot of cases, we know that right around Australia, even in WA, there are some cases now, [though] much less than in other states. That time will come. At the moment, 1.15 million cases reported since the beginning of the year. We are still in January. That has led, as we … Read more

Australia news live update: deadliest day of pandemic as nation records 74 Covid deaths; Victoria declares ‘code brown’ for hospitals amid staff shortages

The real challenge of the impact of staff who have to furlough, staff who are in isolation … it’s averaging around 5,000 healthcare workers every single day alongside the surge in hospitalisation as a result of the Omicron variant wave … We may well be at the peak or reaching the peak, that impact will … Read more

Australia news live update: ‘significant decrease’ in NSW Covid cases predicted for coming month; rapid test price gouging referred to police

Here’s a summary of all the Covid numbers from the day so far: Victoria reported 22,429 new Covid cases and six deathsRoughly half the positive cases were reported from PCR test results, and half from rapid antigen tests. There are 1,229 people being treated in hospital with Covid in Victoria, including 129 in intensive care. … Read more

Australia live news updates: Alex Hawke argues Novak Djokovic a ‘talisman’ of anti-vaccine sentiment; Victoria reports 23 Covid deaths, NSW 20

Despite my acceptance above that Mr Djokovic’s recent infection with Covid-19 means that he is at a negligible risk of infection and therefore presents a negligible risk to those around him, I am concerned that his presence in Australia, given his well-known stance on vaccination, creates a risk of strengthening the anti-vaccination sentiment of a … Read more

Australia news live update: NSW records 92,264 Covid cases as rapid test backlog counted; 53 deaths reported nationwide; Qld scraps border rules

NSW records 92,264 Covid cases and 22 deaths with 2,383 in hospital; Victoria reports 37,169 cases and 25 deaths with 953 hospitalised; Novak Djokovic visa saga an ‘international embarrassment’ says Labor. Follow all the day’s news Covid patients occupy one in three ICU beds in NSW as nurse shortages soar ‘Code red’: Melbourne businesses say … Read more

Australia news live update: Djokovic releases statement; nation records 49 Covid deaths and 3,900 cases in hospital; $1,000 fines in NSW for not reporting positive RATs

Hobart grandmother Susan Neill-Fraser is appealing to Australia’s highest court for a second time in a bid to have her murder conviction overturned. The 67-year-old was sentenced to 23 years in jail for killing partner Bob Chappell aboard the couple’s yacht, the Four Winds, on Australia Day 2009. Her appeal before Tasmania’s court of criminal … Read more

Australia news live update: NSW records 11 Covid deaths and 2,186 in hospital; 13 deaths and 861 hospitalised in Victoria; Djokovic drama continues

Working people might be spending eight hours with someone who is Covid-positive and they are no longer considered a close contact … Those people who have worked next to someone for a really long time and aren’t included in that definition of “close contact” no longer get isolation payments. So if you run out of … Read more

Australia live news update: NSW bans singing and dancing in venues and suspends elective surgery; Coalition defends Djokovic visa decision

Some more details from that Victorian press conference first: The Victorian government says it hasn’t seen correspondence between the federal government and Tennis Australia that stipulated Novak Djokovic would not be allowed to enter the country if he did not meet Atagi criteria. Since the tennis star landed in Australia on Wednesday night the federal … Read more

Australia live news update: Novak Djokovic visa cancelled after airport drama; calls for more free Covid rapid tests

I have no idea what’s going on, they’re holding my son captive for five hours. This is not a fight for the libertarian world, this is not just a fight for Novak, but a fight for the whole world! If they don’t let him go in half an hour, we will gather on the street, … Read more