This AI content creation app is $20 for the holidays

This Write Bot Pro lifetime subscription is on sale for $20. 


Writing can be super valuable and challenging in this lifetime. Sure, writing a thoughtful cover letter can go a long way towards landing a new job. At the same time, when you need to apply to what feels like a thousand opportunities to get just a handful of interviews, coming up with a special cover letter for each one of those applications is really hard.

You can give the gift of AI-generated writing to yourself or someone you know this year. Through Dec. 25, this lifetime Pro subscription to Write Bot AI Content Creation is on sale for just $20. 

Write Bot uses machine learning algorithms to hone in on the natural sound of human language and generate text that mimics the voice and style of human writing. It’s designed to help you write 100x faster than you do now, and it can be used for writing cover letters, social media content, summaries, translations, and so much more. 

Using Write Bot is as easy as typing in a description in a prompt box, and from there it can generate the piece of writing you’re asking for in just seconds. If it’s not perfectly written, you can simply correct it with more detailed prompts, and hone in on your exact vision from there. Some popular ways that users engage with Write Bot is writing blog posts, Google search ads, SEO meta titles, video descriptions, and more. 

This premium subscription offers a user as many as one million AI words per month. 

Through December 25th only, this lifetime Pro subscription to Write Bot™ AI Content Creation is on sale for just $20 now. 

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