WordLift SEO is on sale for just $70 through Christmas

Get this Google Sheets SEO plug-in for just $70. 


SEO has endured as one of the most valued fields in the age of the search engine. If you are running a business or any sort of digital presence, having a verified tool that can help improve your searchability is definitely a good thing. 

If anyone in your life fits this bill, then this might make a great last-minute holiday gift for them. Through Dec. 25, this Premium lifetime subscription to WordLift SEO tool for Google Sheets is on sale for just $70, a savings of over 90%. 

WordLift is a Google Sheets plug-in that works within the Sheets interface to scan content, analyze it, and then automate the creation and delivery of helpful SEO recommendations. This plug-in is designed around the idea that entities will help your content more than keywords specifically. With that, it is the first-to-market solution that performs semantic keyword research and creates a JSON-LD that helps Google better recognize and understand a piece of content. 

WordLift is designed to help users gain an easier understanding of ranking for specific search queries, and it’s also supposed to show you how to optimize the ranking of content you have, and how to understand the semantic spectrum when covering a topic. 

The main Entity Analysis offered by WordLift can work with hundreds of languages and different alphabets. It will bake in links to DBpedia and WiKidata with an assigned confidence level that will give you an idea of its thematic relevance, contextual ambiguity, and so on. 

This unique and telling subscription is on sale through the holiday season only. 

Get this premium lifetime subscription to WordLift SEO tool for Google Sheets on sale for just $70 now. 

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