Covid Australia live news update: NSW reports 210 cases; Queensland announces snap lockdown of 11 LGAs after six new infections

The next thing I’d say is that by getting vaccinated, you’re getting a step closer every single day to getting us back to about as normal as you can be when you’re living with Covid-19. So people can go and visit their … relatives in aged care, that we can get back to stadiums, that we can get back to live entertainment and all of these sorts of things, that people can travel overseas and return, that we can get more of our people who are overseas. And we’ve had to reduce the number of people who can come into the country at the moment because of the Delta variant. It is a big national program.

It’s great for you personally, your own personal health, but the sooner we do this, the sooner we’re able to get into that phase of life where we all want to get to. So everybody wins from you getting vaccinated. But you, most important of all.

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