The Shocking Truth About Electric Baths

The Shocking Truth About Electric Baths

Toasters and bathtubs, we are all warned as children, don’t mix. Yet in the late 19th century, if you were diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, there is a good chance you would have been led to a special hospital room and placed in an electrified tub connected to large batteries. Then the doctors would have flipped … Read more

Shocking: CSK players face personal attack on social media after poor IPL performances on field

The Indian Premier League, which had seen its inaugural edition in 2008, has been a celebration of cricket, the sheer joy associated with the game we love so much can be felt while we stick to our television screens while watching the tournament. But amidst all the joy and excitement, there’s some bitter truth that … Read more

Such women are always found dead in millet fields: BJP leader’s shocking remark on Hathras victim

Even as the nation demands an end to violence against women in light of the Hathras alleged gangrape and murder case, politicians continue to prove why gender sensitisation is a distant dream. A BJP leader from Uttar Pradesh’s Barabanki claimed that the four upper-caste men accused of brutally gangraping and killing a 19-year-old Dalit woman … Read more