Why are Delhi’s daily COVID testing numbers suddenly slipping?

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Delhi’s daily testing for the novel coronavirus is slipping With the current surge in COVID-19 cases, Delhi’s daily testing for the novel coronavirus is slipping. At one time, Delhi had claimed to be conducting around 1 lakh tests daily. Now a look at Delhi’s daily testing numbers on April 16 and on April 17 indicate … Read more

COVID-19: Vardhan presses for mandatory retesting of all symptomatic RAT negative cases


New Delhi: Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on Thursday expressed concern over the surge in COVID-19 cases in Delhi and pressed for mandatory retesting of all persons who test negative in rapid antigen tests and develop symptoms of Influenza-like illness and Severe Acute Respiratory Infection (SARI) later. He said false negative results of the disease … Read more

Covid testing: Use RT-PCR test to get best results, says govt

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In all these places, infection rates have fallen dramatically after RAT tests rose relative to RT-PCR ones. The surge in Covid-19 infections, to 4.5 million on September 10 from 2.2 million on August 10, has got the government to change its testing strategy. While ramping up testing was, rightly, seen as an important part of … Read more