Here’s what it costs to work remotely in 4 global hotspots

Google may be calling people back into the office, but many other companies — not to mention entrepreneurs — are still committed to remote work. From Croatia to Barbados, destinations provide vastly different experiences for foreigners who wish to work from new shores. The weather is usually better (save hurricanes), and costs can be cheaper … Read more

How to plan your next trip with forest walk, flexible hotel bookings, pocket friendly backpack options

For many leisure travellers and corporates travelling by road, breakfast is an important part of the day but one that they often miss due to hectic schedules or safety concerns. (Photo source: Hotel Saket 27) Your travel options made easy and cheap with flexible hotel bookings, affordable and pocket friendly backpack options and more! From … Read more

Sri Lanka is now open to travelers — no quarantine, but no mingling with locals too

To quarantine or not to quarantine — that is the question. Or at least it has been for countries deliberating how to handle incoming international travelers. But that changed last month when Sri Lanka reopened its borders with a requirement unlike any country that had opened before it —  one that neither grants travelers free … Read more

One island welcomes all vaccinated travelers — but some may want to wait

Seychelles this month became the first nation to welcome vaccinated travelers from all over the world, sparking excitement among international travelers. But there are reasons some travelers — even vaccinated ones — may want to wait. A sudden rise in cases Throughout 2020, Seychelles reported enviably low Covid-19 infection rates. Except for a small spike … Read more

Hotel Assault in Somalia’s Capital Raises Fresh Questions About Al-Shabaab

Al-Shabaab militants’ deadly assault on a popular seaside hotel in Somalia’s capital has raised fresh questions about the threat posed by the terrorist group, despite a heightened U.S.-backed counterterrorism campaign in the Horn of Africa nation. The militants, carrying AK-47 rifles and explosives, detonated a car bomb outside Mogadishu’s Lido beach Sunday afternoon, before shooting … Read more