One Grocer Wanted to Give Up Plastic. It Got Rotting Bananas.

When one of the best-known supermarket chains in the U.K. decided to remove plastic from its products, it hadn’t anticipated a spike in shoplifting. Yet that is what happened when Iceland Foods Ltd. started selling steak in recyclable paper trays. Some customers bent the pliable containers in half and stuffed them down their trousers, executives … Read more

Glencore Made More Money Trading Commodities in Six Months Than It Expected All Year

LONDON—Commodities giant Glencore GLNCY -1.05% PLC said Friday it made more money trading oil, metals and other commodities in six months than it had expected to make all year, citing unprecedented volatility in markets in the wake of the global recovery from the pandemic and the invasion of Ukraine. Glencore said its trading division expects … Read more

Activision Says Top Executives Didn’t Ignore Harassment Reports

The review, conducted by independent directors on the Activision board’s Workplace Responsibility Committee and external advisers, also didn’t unearth any evidence to suggest that any senior executive or employee tried to conceal information from the board. “Contrary to many of the allegations, the Board and its external advisers have determined that there is no evidence … Read more

Massachusetts Court Blocks Gig-Worker Ballot Measure

The top court in Massachusetts blocked a ballot measure Tuesday that would have asked voters to classify gig workers as independent contractors rather than employees, saying the measure overreached by limiting gig companies’ liability in some situations. The decision is a setback for companies such as Uber Technologies Inc. UBER -2.23% and Lyft Inc. LYFT … Read more

Using Mental Health Team, Not Cops, on 911 Calls Lowers Crime

June 14 – Pairing a mental health expert with a paramedic to respond to low-level, nonviolent 911 calls decreased the number of criminal offenses in downtown Denver, a new study reveals. These non-police response teams were trained to address problems related to mental health, depression, poverty, homelessness, and/or substance abuse. During 6 months in 2020, … Read more

Google Settles Gender Discrimination Lawsuit for $118 Million

Google agreed to pay $118 million to settle a lawsuit claiming the tech giant had discriminated against women in pay and promotions. The settlement concludes a class-action suit in San Francisco Superior Court initiated in 2017 by three female former employees who said that Google, a unit of Alphabet placed them in lower-job levels than … Read more

The Billionaire Funding a Battle Against Hospital Monopolies

John Arnold antagonized public-employee unions and pharmaceutical firms with campaigns to reform government-funded pensions and bring down high drug prices. Now the Texas billionaire has a new foe: big-hospital monopolies. A philanthropic organization founded by the ex-energy trader and his wife Laura is providing financial backing to three lawsuits against giant hospital systems in Wisconsin, … Read more

Introducing ‘Hack Me if You Can,’ a New Podcast Series

Wall Street Journal reporter Robert McMillan has spent years trying to find a Russian hacker whose story he could tell. And then, he met Dmitry Smilyanets, the man who managed one of the most notorious hacking teams to ever come out of Russia. Dmitry’s story is one of a generation of hackers who grew up … Read more

Former Theranos President’s Defense Rests in Criminal-Fraud Trial

SAN JOSE, Calif.—Lawyers for Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani called their second and final witness and rested their brief defense of the onetime Theranos Inc. executive charged with a dozen counts of criminal fraud. Mr. Balwani didn’t testify in his own defense. Thursday’s testimony from technical consultant Richard Sonnier brings the trial, which follows the conviction of … Read more

J&J Says It Plans to End Covid-19 Vaccine Supply Deal With Emergent BioSolutions

Johnson & Johnson said Monday it planned to terminate its Covid-19 vaccine supply deal with contract manufacturer Emergent BioSolutions Inc., as both companies accused each other of breaching the agreement. J&J informed Emergent last week of its plan to terminate the 2020 manufacturing agreement “based on Emergent’s breaches, including failure to supply Covid-19 vaccine drug … Read more