Job growth disappoints in November, with a gain of just 210,000, despite high hopes

The U.S. economy created far fewer jobs than expected in November, before a new Covid threat created a scare that growth could slow into the winter, the Labor Department reported Friday. Nonfarm payrolls increased by just 210,000 for the month, though the unemployment rate fell sharply to 4.2%, even though the labor force participation rate … Read more

Unemployment rate in January-March quarter of 2020-21 cools to 9.3%

Unemployment rate in urban India in the January-March quarter of 2020-21 cooled down further to 9.3% and inched closer to the pre pandemic level of 9.1% in the corresponding quarter of 2019-20 after touching an all-time high of 20.8% in the first quarter of 2020-21. The unemployment rates had stood at 13.2% in the July-September … Read more

There’s a lot of financial aid available to women pursuing STEM careers

Women are significantly underrepresented in STEM professions and for the few who are pursuing science, technology, engineering or math careers – there are a lot of financial challenges. That’s why a lot of companies and organizations are offering scholarships and other financial assistance to help bridge this gender gap in these crucial fields. Only 1 … Read more

Is a 4-day workweek the answer to employee burnout? Most American workers say yes

Halfpoint Images | Moment | Getty Images More than a year and a half into the Covid-19 pandemic, many American workers are burned out. The remedy may be a four-day workweek, according to a survey from Eagle Hill Consulting. Of those U.S. employees polled, 53% said they are experiencing burnout, with women and younger workers … Read more

TikTok resumes and Instagram portfolios: How college students are using social media to find jobs

College students are on social media pretty much every day but when it comes to their job search, more than a third said they don’t use social media at all, according to a survey from College Pulse. And we’re supposed to be digital natives?! “I don’t get what the hype is around not doing social media. … Read more

Biden vaccine mandate solves some problems for HR chiefs — but creates new ones

Signage is seen on a restaurant window as the vaccine mandate commenced during the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in New York, August 17, 2021. Andrew Kelly | Reuters The Covid-19 vaccine mandate is solving some thorny issues for chief human resources officers — but it’s creating new problems that are tougher to solve. … Read more

Stress. Anxiety. Procrastination. Self-doubt. Don’t fall into these traps in college

Having to pursue college during a pandemic has left 95% of college students with negative mental health symptoms, according to a survey from, impacting their academic performance and early career success. Since 2014, anxiety and depression have been college students’ leading mental health issues, according to research conducted by Boston University. What many students … Read more

‘This is going to be one of the best Christmas seasons ever,’ market bull Ed Yardeni says

Long-time market bull Ed Yardeni is delivering a dose of optimism into year-end. Yardeni, who’s known for running investment strategy for Prudential and Deutsche Bank, expects the holidays to boost stocks deeper into record territory. “This is going to be one of the best Christmas seasons ever,” the president of Yardeni Research told CNBC’s “Trading … Read more

What kind of worker has two years of pandemic made you? There are three types

A record number of Americans are quitting their jobs, and the hot labor market shows no signs of cooling. With so much churn in the labor force, workers at every job level and across industries have an unprecedented chance to mold their current job into their dream job — or leave and seek it elsewhere. … Read more