World Environment Day 2021: Innovative solutions for home food delivery! From Lego inspired tableware to eco-friendly packaging of fruits

World Environment Day 2021: World over, brands are making their presence felt through packaging as consumers find themselves binge-ordering online on goods. Sometimes, the packaging itself comes branded on the outside to showcase a company’s unique proposition, a strategy used on small to big products including ice cream and premium cookies and chocolates – every unit sells a little more than it used to with innovative packaging.

In the 80s, consumers were easily drawn to bright coloured packaging like the one that Frooti used in its eye-popping colourful packaging – spot that shade of yellow and consumers guessed the brand easily. Currently, Indian consumers show concern about nurturing a greener future for the coming generations. This has a lot to do with the consumers’ shifting preferences towards eco-friendly products.

World Environment Day 2021: Replacing single use plastic with biodegradable packaging

“Notably, design plays a crucial role in designing and positioning eco-friendly products as the key need of the product and user behaviour has to be analysed deeply for product insights. We took around two years to research the way India eats as every region is different and then we came up with our modular Lego inspired tableware range. Our customers for the Chuk tableware brand are Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) and Institutional Caterers. Many brands like Haldirams, Chai Point, Lite Bite Foods, PVR Cinemas, Inox, Amazon and Google are amongst our key customers,” Ved Krishna, Vice-Chairman, Yash Pakka Ltd tells Financial Express Online.

The company has been consciously making efforts to replace single-use plastics with a focus on a greener future by providing biodegradable packaging solutions. All its tableware products are manufactured using locally sourced agri-residue pulp such as bagasse, a fibrous sugarcane waste. Sugarcane is produced in abundance in Ayodhya where the company factory is located, and sourcing is enabled from  nearby villages within 100 kms.

He adds, “Since the beginning, our aim has been at the cutting-edge of innovation and sustainability. As our packaging paper and moulded food service products both are made from Bagasse (sugarcane residue), they are backyard compostable. So on disposal they turn into manure within 90 days, which  is good for mother Earth. Also, they are natural and free from toxins. We also recover 95% of the cooking chemicals used to manufacture the pulp, thereby making it even more environmentally-friendly.”

Notably, bagasse pulp makes products lightweight for ease in handling, flexible to protect from damage, and strong to prevent spillage.

World Environment Day 2021: Making packaging more eco-friendly

JustMyRoots, which terms itself as the country’s  first perishable, interstate, food supply chain enabled e-commerce platform, lets consumers enjoy picking and choosing from a range of different fruits and mango varieties such as Rasaalu, Himayat and Banginapalli, among others, which can be ordered online and it gets delivered at your doorstep.

Consider this: Every cardboard packaging box is recycled and Rs 2 from that is donated for girl education!

“We have taken the eco-friendly path by stopping the usage of thermocol and plastic in our packaging. We have started using paper and cotton carry bags and moved towards cardboard boxes. We make sure that the fruits and vegetables sourced are organic and fresh. Hence, we have partnered with Sugati to empower women in continuation to AtmaNirbhar Bharat campaign to get these items sourced directly from them to the end user. We have also tied up with institutions to make sure that we can make our packaging more eco-friendly,” Samiran Sengupta, Founder and CEO, JustMyRoots informs Financial Express Online.

Clearly, every step in the right direction makes a difference.

“The company’s  key focus is on coming up with innovative solutions for delivery and a sturdy paper for making bags that can replace single-use plastic bags. We will also be establishing the largest factory in the country for food wrapping paper (butter paper which is grease resistant). One of the challenges that we foresee is a rise in the food delivery segment and there is a lot of single-use plastic being used. We are constantly working on providing a solution for delivery of hot gravy items but currently we do have solutions for the dry and semi-dry items, food items like pasta, salads, sandwiches etc,” Ved Krishna, Vice-Chairman, Yash Pakka Ltd tells Financial Express Online.

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