Angel One launches Fin One to enhance financial awareness among Gen-Z and Millennials

Fintech firm Angel One Limited today announced the launch of Fin One, a digital-first initiative set to transform financial literacy among Indians. Fin One integrates engagement and entertainment to empower young Indians to make informed financial decisions and develop resilient investing habits.

Young Indians, especially Gen-Z and Millennials, are diving into the market now, hence it is important for them to know about the virtues of early investing, staying in the market for the long term, the risks involved, and how to make the most of their investments, the company noted.

Sharing his excitement, Paarth Dhar, Vice President, Angel One said, “Imagine if your finance class was as engaging as your favorite meme page. That’s Fin One. We’re here to spice up the way young India interacts with money — making it less about numbers and more about fun!”

Mintel’s latest findings reveal that 91 percent of India’s Gen Z (aged 18-26 in 2023) are already plotting their future with an emphasis on smart savings for big dreams like homes, flashy wheels, and adventures.

According to DataReportal, with 29 percent of India’s population within the target age bracket of 18-35, Fin One plans to deliver infotainment content through a blend of insight and wit, interactive quizzes, and challenges that make learning about finance as addictive as scrolling through the feed.

The average age of clients on Angel One’s platform is around 29, and it has strong traction from the Tier II and beyond markets. Notably, nearly 48 percent of acquired clients are below the age of 25, presenting an opportunity to establish long-term partnerships with them throughout their lifetime, the company statement added.

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