This Sony Bravia is one of the best-kept secrets in TVs – and it's up to $1,000 off right now

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The Sony Bravia X90L is one of our picks for the best Sony TVs you can buy, and for good reason. Its color accuracy, precision brightness, 120Hz motion smoothing, and 4K image processing make it one of our most recommended TVs overall, and one of the most underrated TVs on the market. Right now, you can find several sizes of this model on sale at Best Buy — the 65-inch is $200 off, the 75-inch is $400 off, and, if you’re going big, the 98-inch is $1,000 off

The X90L is also on sale for similar discounts at Amazon.

I’ve seen all of the best 2024 TVs from Sony, Samsung LG, TCL, and Hisense at CES 2024 and at several events since then. And when I recently had to replace a 7 year-old 55-inch TCL TV that died, I replaced it with a 65-inch Sony X90L because I think it has the best picture for the money right now, and it comes with a couple extra advantages as well.

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While the Sony Bravia XR X90L doesn’t blow you away on the spec sheet — it’s an LED TV with a full-array backlight — the real-world performance and usability make it one of the best buys on the market, based on ZDNET’s testing. This Sony TV is technically in the same category as its very popular 2023 rivals, the TCL QM8 and Hisense U8K. However, while those are Mini LED TVs and look like they should be better TVs on paper, the Sony X90L has better color accuracy, plenty of brightness, and a much nicer remote than either the TCL or Hisense TVs. 

Since Sony has had a long partnership with Google, the X90L also has an excellent implementation of Google TV, which makes the X90L’s software interface much friendlier to use than Samsung’s Tizen and LG’s webOS, which can both be overly complicated and frustrating to navigate.

With the X90L, you also get Sony’s excellent picture processing to upscale content to 4K, which is especially helpful if you’re watching older content or YouTube videos and it’s stronger than anything offered by Hisense and TCL. And if you’re looking for a TV to watch movies, the X90L nearly rivals expensive OLED and high-end QLED TVs that cost almost twice as much. If you’re upgrading from a TV that is at least 4-5 years old, you will be blown away by the picture quality of X90L — and it will require a lot less tuning out-of-the box than other TVs. 

Of all the five major TV brands, Sony has the most advanced picture processing and that means that it doesn’t over-saturate and over-brighten the image the way Samsung, LG, TCL, and Hisense models sometimes do. Again, that means Sony TVs often have a better picture than higher-spec’d rivals from the budget TV makers (Hisense and TCL) and can often compete with more expensive models from the premium vendors (Samsung and LG). 

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The Sony X90L isn’t as bright as its Mini LED rivals from TCL and Hisense — or even its 2024 successor, the Sony Bravia 7 — but it still takes advantage of Sony’s advanced backlight system to brighten specific parts of the image and it does an excellent job of revealing the details in the shadows of dark movies and shows. I’m using the X90L in a bright room and have never had an instance where I wished the picture were brighter.

Of course, Sony’s products often carry a 10% to 20% price premium because of the Sony brand name, so it’s important look for sales and deals like the ones we’ve highlighted from Best Buy and Amazon. 

If you’re in the market for a TV, this summer is an excellent time to buy while the 2023 TVs like this one are going on sale as the new 2024 TVs are about to start replacing them on the shelves for the fall. I’d recommend that you don’t miss this deal on the outstanding Sony Bravia XR X90L TV — especially if you were considering a TCL QM8 or Hisense U8K. All three of these TVs are around $1,000 for a 65-inch, and the Sony is the best of the three. 

If you have a little more to spend, I’d recommend considering an upgrade to an OLED because the Sony A80L, the Samsung S90C and the LG C3 are all 2023 OLEDs you can pick up on sale for around $1,600 for a 65-inch this summer. 

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