OnePlus Watch 2 Gets Early Tease Ahead of MWC 2024 Reveal

OnePlus on Tuesday provided an early look at the OnePlus Watch 2, which the company says will get its bigger reveal next week during the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona.

The smartwatch will be the company’s first after a three-year hiatus, and OnePlus is claiming that its battery should last 100 hours in “Smart Mode.”

OnePlus also revealed that the watch will have a stainless steel chassis and will include a sapphire crystal watch face. It’ll be available in two colors dubbed Black Steel and Radiant Steel.

But there’s still a lot we don’t yet know about the OnePlus Watch 2, including whether it runs on Google’s Wear OS or its own operating system. We also do not yet know a price.


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The original OnePlus Watch from 2021 launched at $159 with battery life claims of one to two weeks. However, it ran on its own proprietary operating system, making it more like a fitness tracker and less like a smartwatch. Regardless, the 100-hour battery life is still longer than that of many competing watches from Apple, Google and Samsung, which typically last for one to two days. 

Among the Wear OS watches we’ve tested, the TicWatch 5 Pro comes closest with its supposed 80-hour battery life in lower power mode. Garmin and Amazfit also make similar battery life claims as OnePlus, but both companies’ watches run on their own proprietary operating systems with less app support.

OnePlus plans to provide even more details about the OnePlus Watch 2 on Monday, Feb. 26 during MWC. The watch’s release comes a month after OnePlus revealed the OnePlus 12 and 12R phones. In his reviews, my colleague Andrew Lanxon found both new OnePlus phones to have decent to excellent battery life that comfortably lasts for a day or two.

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