I don't go hiking without these 5 gadgets — and you shouldn't either

I’m a big fan of Shokz bone conduction headphones, and the OpenRun Pro are without a doubt my favorite version. They fit well around my head, the 10-hour battery life is excellent, the sound quality is great, they’re completely sweat-proof, there’s nothing to block my earholes, and I’m not going to lose them in the undergrowth like I would an AirPods Pro bud (speaking from experience). 

Reviews that I’ve seen for the Shokz OpenRun Pro on Amazon, Reddit, and across social media have consistently been strong. Yes, there are some people who find the headband either too big or too small, and some find the switch to bone conduction rather disconcerting in the beginning, but these are headphones are the best way to listen to music, audiobooks, and podcasts, or make and receive calls, without plugging up your ears.

Review: Shokz OpenRun Pro — Say goodbye to in-ear buds

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