Google Pixel 9 leak reveals three flagship phones, including a smaller model

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Google still has the Pixel 8a coming later this year, but many people are already looking forward to the Pixel 9 series this fall. And a new leak shows that Google might have some big plans for its flagship phone lineup, including a size option that hasn’t existed for five years. If you’re a fan of smaller phones, you’ll want to pay attention. 

The leak comes courtesy of, where the images are available.  

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Overall, four new 5k renders of the Pixel 9 series have leaked, plus a 360-degree video. Looking at the images, several things jump out.  

The Pixel 9 keeps the rounded rear camera bump, and — like the 8 — has a dual-lens setup. Similar to the Pixel 8 series, you’ll have to upgrade to a Pro model to get the additional camera. Also, the phone has rounded edges with a flat display and a hole punch selfie camera in the middle. 

Here’s where things get interesting. Images leaked several months ago that showed three cameras on the rear of a device, and many people thought that meant the triple camera option was heading to smaller Pixels. But three different sizes are shown, including an XL model, something Google hasn’t done since the Pixel 4 XL in 2019, after which it switched to the Pro branding. 

  • Pixel 9 – 6.03 inches
  • Pixel 9 Pro – 6.1 inches
  • Pixel 9 Pro XL – 6.5 inches

Ironically, if those numbers are true, the XL may deliver a slight decrease in size from the current generation, as the Pixel 8 Pro sports a 6.7-inch screen. However, both versions of the Pro have the triple camera arrangement, so if you want that in a smaller package, this may finally be your chance.

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If Google rolls out a Pixel 9a, that would mean four varieties of the same phone. It’s also possible that the base 9 model will essentially be the 9a, with the 9 Pro replacing the 8 and the 9 Pro XL replacing the 8 Pro. 

Beyond these images, the only thing we know about Pixel’s next phone lineup is that it contains an adaptive touch mode, which changes screen sensitivity depending on the environment.

The Pixel 8a is set for release —  or at least reveal — in May, so it’s likely that Pixel 9 news will ramp up after that. 

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