Get a Windows 11 Pro license for $40 right now

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Keeping your operating system up-to-date can go a long way in terms of better time management, better team management, and better productivity at work and in school. So it’s worth paying attention to when you can both upgrade your system and save yourself some cash. 

Right now, you can buy a Microsoft Windows 11 Pro lifetime license for just $40 through Stack Social — that’s 79% off. 

A caveat: While StackSocial is an authorized Microsoft partner and offers “lifetime” access to Windows 11 (as it does for Microsoft Office as well), it is possible that Microsoft could end the license. But this deal has been running for several months, and has largely positive reviews. (For comparison, the Office deal has been running for over a year, and the license that ZDNET’s Alison DeNisco Rayome bought through it for a personal MacBook last year is still working.)

For users of refurbished computers with outdated operating systems and computer users who are in need of a versatile machine that supports business, Windows 11 Pro features exclusive new applications, features, and updates that are not available to Windows 10 users. While the older Windows 10 OS will not receive new updates in the future, Windows 11 Pro will. 

Windows 11 Pro’s security features include advanced BitLocker Encryption that makes your most valuable data unrecognizable and unreadable to outside forces without your encryption key. The OS also features Windows Information Protection, which helps keep work data and personal data separate.

For individual contractors and managers with teams deployed around the world, Windows 11 Pro offers advanced admin capabilities. Its group policy management settings empower admins to set policies and enforce compliance. And its included virtualization technology empowers you to run multiple operating systems from a single computer. 

Get Microsoft Windows 11 Pro on sale for just $40 now. 

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