Flat screen or curved screen? Samsung just settled the debate once and for all

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During Samsung’s Unpacked event this week, the company unveiled the next generation of its flagship smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra. The Ultra model remains Samsung’s highest-tier smartphone, offering a larger display, more sophisticated camera features, and a longer battery life than the other devices in the lineup.

However, the new S24 Ultra comes with one subtle but momentous design change that everyone should be aware of. Unlike previous generations, the S24 Ultra’s display no longer sports curved edges. Instead, the screen is entirely flat, which should provide some significant user benefits.

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For example, the built-in S Pen stylus is one of the Ultra model’s most popular features, making doodling and note-taking easier on your phone’s display. With the S24 Ultra’s flat edges, you can more accurately replicate a natural writing experience. So now you can say goodbye to fidgeting with words on the screen’s far left or right side.

A flattened display also means no more glare around the edges of the S24 Ultra’s display, which was a common complaint with previous Ultra models. If you use your smartphone for movie and TV watching when you’re on the go, you’ll appreciate the glare-free experience.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with S Pen

Writing on the Samsung Galaxy Ultra just got a whole lot better.

June Wan/ZDNET

Finally, everyone needs a reliable and durable screen protector, especially when paying $1,300 for a smartphone. Smartphones with curved edges make it difficult for screen protectors to adhere to the screen properly, leaving the edges vulnerable to scratches and scrapes. Not to mention, a screen replacement can cost you a few hundred dollars.

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A flat display will allow screen protector makers to apply the protector’s adhesive to all edges of the accessory and, in turn, will offer your phone more effective and even protection.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra will be available for purchase beginning Jan. 31 on Samsung’s website, Samsung Experience Stores, and all major mobile carriers and retailers. You can preorder the device today, with plenty of great deals already active.

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