Everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy Ring: Features, price, availability, more

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is rumored to support ECG functionality and blood flow measurement to monitor readings, such as the wearer’s heart rate and blood oxygen levels. The Galaxy Ring is also rumored to be available in eight sizes, support device control via Samsung SmartThings, and wireless payments via Samsung Pay.

At this point, we can only make guesses based on the health features presented during the keynote and Pak’s recent interview. The Samsung Health experience includes the ability to monitor for potential sleep apnea symptoms by tracking sleep patterns and blood oxygen changes, and maintaining heart-rate alerts during sleep. 

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“The ring represents that community of people who want health tracking that is more comfortable and less obtrusive,” Pak said during a recent interview. “It’s meeting a need of a specific population of people who want to track and measure, but in a different way.”

The new Samsung Health experience also offers medication reminders, with helpful insights about potential interactions with foods or other medications you take. 

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