Buy an Xbox Series X for just $449 for Black Friday

Grab an Xbox Series X for $449 at Walmart during Black Friday sales.


Ahead of Black Friday 2023, Microsoft is offering a $50 discount on its current-generation console — the Xbox Series X. You can purchase the device right now on Walmart’s site for $449, and it comes with a free Xbox Wireless Controller. 

While the Xbox Series X doesn’t come with a free game like several PlayStation 5 deals do, Walmart will be slashing the prices of select titles on Nov. 22. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will drop to $30 and Hogwarts Legacy to $40. Just be sure you click the Xbox Series X tab before purchase.

The Xbox Series X is a great gift for that gamer in your life this holiday season. It’s essentially a souped-up version of the Xbox Series S. ZDNET compared the two models about a year ago, and what we said then still holds true: The Series X offers all-around better performance thanks to its 12 teraflop processor. The hardware can support gameplay resolution of up to 4K resolution at 120 FPS. And the Xbox Series X comes with 1 TB of storage whereas the Series S only has 512 GB. Having a large amount is arguably a necessity nowadays since many games come in massive files. The extra space will come in handy.

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There is more to Microsoft’s device than just gaming. The Xbox Series X can stream movies from your favorite service in 4K resolution. The machine even comes equipped with an optical disc drive that can play physical Blu-ray discs just like the PlayStation 5. For gamers, the company offers Xbox All Access, allowing you to play hundreds of digital titles from the Halo franchise to Minecraft. If you have your old Xbox 360 and Xbox One games lying around, don’t throw them away, because this device is backward compatible with those old titles so you can relive the glory days.

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