Alphabet’s YouTube Advertisement Business Hurt By Ukraine War

Google parent Alphabet on Tuesday reported its first quarterly revenue miss of the pandemic after the war in Ukraine hurt YouTube ad sales, leaving investors rattled as the global economy sputters. The world’s largest provider of search and video made a fortune over the last two years as the pandemic forced more shops and people … Read more

From YouTube to Rutube. Inside Russia’s Influence Campaign.

The Kremlin is waging a new influence campaign: persuading Russians to quit Western social-media platforms. As part of an expansive effort to control the narrative about its invasion of Ukraine, the Kremlin is pushing Russians to embrace homegrown alternatives instead. Russian authorities have put up firewalls around several Western social-media platforms and are threatening more. … Read more

Facebook worried as TikTok set to eclipse Twitter, Snapchat ad share

TikTok’s meteoric rise has baffled Meta (formerly Facebook) as the Chinese short-video app is set to overtake the global advertising share of micro-blogging platform Twitter and photo-sharing platform Snapchat this year. Moreover, TikTok is predicted to catch up with Google-owned YouTube by clocking $23.6 billion in ad revenue by 2024, reports The Guardian. “Last year, … Read more

Long story in short: The short-form video market has taken off in India during the pandemic

Himanshu Shrivastav, 26, has been passionate about dancing and acting since his childhood. Hailing from Gairatganj, a small town in Madhya Pradesh, he always wanted to make it big in life. “I had a desire to make my own identity. I wanted people to recognise me for my work. I was waiting for that opportunity … Read more

‘Skinfluencers’ Promote Risky Beauty Hacks on TikTok

March 11, 2022 — A young woman is having her lip swabbed with an unknown substance, smiling, on the TikTok video. Seconds later, another young woman, wearing gloves, pushes a hyaluron pen, a needle-free injector for dermal fillers, against the first woman’s lips. In the next cut, the first woman is smiling, happy. “My first … Read more

‘Bigorexia’: Why Teenage Boys are Obsessed with Bulking Up

March 10, 2022 — Why are teenage boys obsessed with bulking up? While the effects of Instagram on girls’ body image has long been documented — an article in The Wall Street Journal that was published this fall reported that Facebook knew Instagram was toxic for teen girls — teenage boys are under just as … Read more

Beware of the Latest TikTok Trend: Nasal Spray Tans

March 3, 2022 — TikTok users seeking deep tans are using a questionable method: spraying self-tanning products up their noses, and then lying in the sun or in a tanning bed. Although nasal spray tanning is being described as a new “viral” trend, it seems to have gotten its start as early as the spring … Read more

Do #MentalHealth TikToks Help or Hurt? A Therapist Breaks It Down

By Jay Lankau Healthy breakfast recipes, falling off milk crates, beauty hacks, and 10 ways to know if your husband is cheating on you: TikTok has it all. There are millions of videos on TikTok, and hundreds of thousands using the hashtag #mentalhealth. Some videos have more than 9 million views. And some are from … Read more

Apple Retains World’s Most Valuable Brand Title in 2022: Report

Apple has retained the title of the world’s most valuable brand in 2022, with a valuation of a whopping $355.1 billion (roughly Rs. 26,72,600 crore), according to a report. The valuation of the Cupertino company increased 35 percent — thanks to the growth of its recognition in the market. Following Apple, Amazon and Google have … Read more