Govt to generate unique health IDs for people giving Aadhaar for vaccination – ET HealthWorld

BENGALURU: If a Covid-19 vaccine seeker provides his/her Aadhaar as identity proof to be inoculated, the government will immediately generate a unique health identity (UHID) for the individual. Eyeing this as an opportunity, authorities now are planning to use the vaccination programme to get digital health IDs for citizens. Once a UHID is generated, a … Read more

Covid: How busy are hospitals in England?

By Ben ButcherBBC Reality Check image copyrightGetty Images When announcing the national lockdown, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the NHS risked being overwhelmed if the measures weren’t taken. But statistics suggest that the proportion of beds currently occupied by patients is actually lower than usual. So how can both things be true? What is different … Read more

Children’s Hospitals Grapple With Wave of Mental Illness

By Carmen Heredia Rodriguez, Kaiser Health News Krissy Williams, 15, had attempted suicide before, but never with pills. The teen was diagnosed with schizophrenia when she was 9. People with this chronic mental health condition perceive reality differently and often experience hallucinations and delusions. She learned to manage these symptoms with a variety of … Read more

COVID Nightmare in L.A. As Emergency System Falters

Jan. 6, 2021 — As cases of COVID-19 continue to surge in Los Angeles County, first responders have been directed not to take cardiac arrest patients to the hospital if they can’t be resuscitated in the field and to conserve the region’s dwindling supply of oxygen supplies. The Emergency Medical Services Agency of Los … Read more

What Does Hospital Price Transparency Mean for You?

“If I’m an employer, I’ll look at three hospitals in my area and say, ‘I’ll pay the price for the lowest one. If you want to go to one of the other two, you can pay the difference,’” said Anderson. Will Price Transparency Reduce Overall Health Spending? Revealing actual negotiated prices, as … Read more