WSJ News Exclusive | Republicans Aim to Combat Inflation With Tax, Trade Policies

WASHINGTON—Congressional Republicans are beginning to detail their plans to combat inflation and soften its impact on households, indicating some tax, trade and regulatory policies they might pursue if they take control of the House and Senate in this fall’s midterm elections. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) on Tuesday is proposing to adjust a tax-code provision … Read more

As Gas Prices Near $5 a Gallon, Record Fuel Costs Upend Businesses, U.S. Economy

As U.S. gasoline prices approach a record average of $5 a gallon, fuel costs are rippling through almost every corner of business, with signs emerging that the rising expenses are beginning to alter consumer behavior. The price of regular gasoline averaged about $4.986 on Friday, up around 22 ½ cents from the prior week and … Read more

Rising Risk of Recession Creates New Headache for Biden

The Federal Reserve’s efforts to slow inflation are raising the possibility of higher unemployment, a slower-growing economy and a recession, prospects that could create new headaches for the Biden administration. As the country heads into midterm-election season, much of the political discussion has centered around solid economic growth and robust employment versus the damaging impact … Read more

Senate Expected to Confirm Brainard as Federal Reserve’s Vice Chairwoman

Federal Reserve governor Lael Brainard is poised to win confirmation as the central bank’s vice chairwoman after clearing a procedural Senate hurdle with bipartisan support Monday evening. But absences of elected officials due to Covid cases are likely to delay the confirmation process for another Fed nominee, Lisa Cook. Ms. Brainard’s promotion isn’t likely to … Read more

Senate Tees Up Votes on Biden’s Fed Nominees

The Senate moved ahead Monday evening with consideration of President Biden’s nominees to the Federal Reserve, beginning with a procedural vote clearing the path to confirm governor Lael Brainard later this week as the central bank’s vice chairwoman. The 54-40 tally indicated Ms. Brainard will be confirmed with bipartisan support. Eight Republicans joined 46 senators … Read more

BJP identifies 73,000 ‘weak’ booths in run-up to 2024 polls

With an eye on 2024 general elections, the BJP has identified 73,000 polling booths where it is weak and has constituted a committee to strengthen the party’s position on them, sources said on Monday. The majority of these booths are in southern and eastern states, the sources said, adding that the party is also contemplating … Read more

In French Vote, Pocketbook Issues Overshadow Nationalism vs. Globalism

France’s presidential election in 2017 was a watershed for Western politics, fought not along the traditional lines of left and right but over national identity, immigration and international institutions such as Europe’s common currency, the euro. It pitted “patriots” against “globalists,” as National Front candidate Marine Le Pen put it, or “closed” against “open,” in … Read more

Biden to Allow More Ethanol in Gas This Summer in Bid to Lower Prices

WASHINGTON—The Biden administration said Tuesday it would allow high-ethanol content gasoline to be sold in the hot summer months, in an effort aimed at lowering prices at the pump that could pay political dividends in farm-country states. “It reduces our reliance on foreign oil. Adding this fuel to our gasoline, 10% or 15% or even … Read more

Burden of too many polls: Political appetite, not hedging, is answer

Even before the hangover of the Uttar Pradesh series could clear, electoral churning has become visible in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, both scheduled to go to polls by the end of the year. Elections to the high offices of President and Vice-President will fill the middle space. The non-stop cycle of general elections has provoked … Read more

Senate Prepares Confirmation Vote for Lisa Cook as Fed Governor

The Senate voted Tuesday to advance the nomination of economist Lisa Cook for a seat on the Federal Reserve’s board, a procedural step required before the full chamber can vote on whether to confirm her for the post. Ms. Cook, professor of international relations and economics at Michigan State University, received a tie vote in … Read more