Vice President Venkaiah Naidu calls for protecting smaller islands amid rise in global temperatures

Naidu said it was unfair that small islands whose percentage of overall emissions is minimal, pay the price for the negligence of big nations. Amid global warming concerns, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday called for efforts to limit temperature levels so that smaller islands and their sublime beauty stays intact and islanders are … Read more

Urban planners have critical role in decreasing carbon emissions due to construction: Dikshu C Kukreja

‘The real estate and construction industry is certainly one of the largest contributing sectors in carbon emissions around the world, especially in developing countries such as India. ‘ The “Climate Emergency” continues to represent a renewed worldwide emphasis on tackling climate change. While there is no “one solution” to the multifaceted challenges brought about by … Read more

Melting Himalayan glaciers to Africa’s droughts — these climate warnings we must know amid COP26 buzz

According to an Oxfam report, climate-related disasters tripled in 30 years. (File) The COP26 climate change summit begins in Glasgow, Scotland, with leaders and delegates from 200 countries debating how to cut emissions by 2030. With an exponential rise in global warming due to fossil fuel emissions, scientists have called for urgent action to avoid … Read more