NASA Invites Media to Discuss Hubble Operations Update – NASA

NASA will hold a media teleconference at 4 p.m. EDT, Tuesday, June 4, to provide an update on operations for NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. NASA anticipates Hubble will continue making discoveries, working with other observatories such as the agency’s James Webb Space Telescope, throughout this decade and into the next.

Audio of the teleconference will stream live on the agency’s website at:

Participants in the teleconference include:

  • Mark Clampin, director, Astrophysics Division, Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters in Washington
  • Patrick Crouse, project manager, Hubble Space Telescope, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland

To ask questions during the teleconference, media must RSVP no later than two hours before the event to Alise Fisher at: NASA’s media accreditation policy is available online.

Launched in 1990, Hubble has been observing the universe for more than three decades and recently celebrated its 34th anniversary.

To learn more about Hubble, including some of its greatest scientific discoveries, visit:


Alise Fisher 
Headquarters, Washington 

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