India’s daily Covid case count nears 3,000; Monkeypox infections breach 200-mark: Top Health Updates

Even as the world returns to pre-Covid ways, the pandemic is not abating anytime soon. The ferocity of the Delta wave may not be there, but the rate of infection is very consistent. India for example witnessed a sharp surge in the first week of May followed by an almost flat-curve trend. However, as the month comes to an end, the country is seeing a noticeable uptick once again. Meanwhile, the monkeypox infections have crossed 200-mark globally. Though, this may look like a miniscule number in terms of world tally, but researchers have warned that any lapse in precautionary measures can transform these rare outside-Africa cases into next devastating outbreak.

Here are latest health updates on both Covid pandemic as well as monkeypox cases:

– India recorded 2,710 new Covid-19 infections in the last 24 hours, the heath bulletin said on Friday.

-The country is also seeing an increase in the active case county. The latest government data says that India’s active case count registered an increase of 400 infections in the last 24 hours. With the latest surge, the current active case count stands at 15,814.

-While the cases are increasing right now, one major factor that is a source of relief is the lower number of Covid deaths. The official death count, according to the health ministry is 14 corona fatalities in the span of one day.

-Moving on to latest on monkeypox cases. Current data suggests that as many as 20 nations across the world have now confirmed the presence of this rare virus.

-Over 200 infections have been confirmed so far. Most of these cases are being reported from Europe, latest data says. The WHO has once again asked all nations to ramp up the surveillance against the monkeypox virus.  

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