Insurance cover provided for Dasara elephants and their handlers

The 14 elephants participating in Dasara festivities here and their handlers have been provided insurance cover.

According to Forest Department officials, Dasara elephants and their handlers, including mahouts and kavadis, besides the department staff are covered under a comprehensive temporary insurance policy aimed at safeguarding them from unforeseen risks.

While each of the 10 male elephants have been insured for ₹5 lakh each, the four female elephants have been insured for ₹4.5 lakh each.

Similarly, each of the 42 staff members of the department comprising mahouts (handlers), kavadis (assistants to handlers) and other department officials overseeing the welfare of the elephants have been insured for ₹2 lakh each.

The insurance cover provided to the elephants and the department staff entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of the animals amounts to around ₹2 crore. The department has paid a premium of ₹56,781 for the temporary insurance, starting from September 1 to October 30.

Meanwhile, the first batch of nine Dasara elephants, which set out from their forest abode in Nagarahole and arrived at the Mysuru palace earlier this month, were weighed as part of the routine assessment of their health.

The elephants, which had been taken around the palace to familiarise them with the surroundings, have also begun their training, comprising sessions that include a march through the Jamboo Savari route.

The elephants, which march in a single file from Mysuru palace to the Torchlight Parade grounds in Bannimantap through Sayyaji Rao Road twice a day, are the cynosure of all eyes.

The march of the elephants through the busy streets of the city with their mahouts and kavadis is conducted amid police security.

Meanwhile, an insurance cover of ₹50 lakh is also provided against damage to any public property during the Dasara festivities.

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