BJP rebukes Congress for its remarks on Yaduveer

The BJP has sharply rebuked the Congress for describing the electoral battle in Mysuru Lok Sabha constituency as a contest between “commoner and an erstwhile royal.”

At a press conference on Friday, the Congress candidate M. Lakshman also asked the voters if they have to choose between a commoner like him who mingles with the public and will safeguard their welfare or someone lives in the confines of the palace.

In response, the BJP spokesperson M.A. Mohan said here on Saturday that Mr. Lakshman’s choice of words smacked of coarseness and it would be in fitness of things for the Congress candidate to “maintain decorum” in public.

Mr. Mohan said years before independence, the Wadiyars of Mysuru had established the City Improvement Trust Board to ensure that there was housing for all and it was a tribute to their far-sightedness.

“They were guarding the welfare of the public unlike Mr. Lakshman who only guarded the welfare of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah by defending his acts through press meets,” remarked Mr. Mohan and questioned the credentials of the Congress candidate.

Besides, all development in Mysuru took place during the period of the Wadiyars including the extension of railways, introduction of flights, establishment of HAL in Bengaluru, construction of a dam across the river Cauvery or expanding education and health sector by opening schools, colleges and hospitals, said Mr. Mohan.

“So much so that Mysuru was described as a “Model State” and the contributions of the Wadiyars is known not only to the people of Mysuru but people all over India and hence the Congress should desist from targeting the Wadiyars,’’ he added.

As if to draw a contrast to what the Congress did for the region post-Independence, Mr. Mohan said that it took them more than 20 years to complete the track doubling work between Mysuru and Bengaluru and a small impediment by way of Tipu’s armoury held up the project which was cleared during BJP’s period, Mr. Mohan said.

He also alluded to Mr. Lakshman’s remarks that he had lost four elections and “he would be as good as dead” in case of another loss and said such a negative approach in seeking votes was unheard of. It only means that the Congress has mentally conceded defeat which was a precursor to an actual defeat, he added.

On Mr. Lakshman’s remarks that a Vokkaliga candidate was being fielded after 47 years, Mr. Mohan said it is for the Congress to answer because the BJP had fielded Mr. Pratap Simha in 2014 and 2019 – who is a Vokkaliga -and he won on both the occasions.

Mr. Lakshman as the KPCC spokesperson, had spared no opportunity to attack Mr. Pratap Simha or to take on the BJP on various issues resulting in equally sharp rebuttal from the latter and the acrimony is expected to playout through the campaign period.

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