ADHD: Medication shortages have ‘profound effect’ on patients

While Dr McConkey works with children, he said he is also aware of the impact of the shortages on adults.

“I’ve heard of some adults asking their bosses to make reasonable adaptations because of the fact they aren’t having access to medication and in some cases those people have lost their jobs,” he said.

“So it has very profound effects on people who don’t have access to medication that was doing them a huge benefit.”

For Dr McConkey’s patients, who are predominantly under 18, not taking medication affects their schooling, exam preparation, exam performance and mental health.

“It can cause anxiety, it can cause low self-esteem, and more flashpoints with family, friends and schools, colleagues,” he said.

Dr McConkey added that mortality for people with ADHD is twice that of the general population.

“If you are a young driver there is an increased risk of accidents without medication. There is a risk of substantial mood disorder.

“I am contacted daily by parents at their wits’ end trying to source medication for their child.”

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