Retail inflation for farm workers rises to 7.37 pc in November, 7.13 pc for rural labourers

Retail inflation for farm workers rose to 7.37 per cent and that for rural labourers climbed to 7.13 per cent in November, mainly due to higher prices of certain food items. Retail inflation in October was 7.08 per cent and 6.92 per cent for farm workers and rural labourers, respectively, according to an official statement.

Food inflation stood at 9.38 per cent and 9.14 per cent for agricultural and rural workers, respectively, in November compared to the respective figures of 8.42 per cent and 8.18 per cent in October 2023, and 6.19 per cent and 6.05 per cent recorded in the corresponding month of previous year (November 2022), a labour ministry statement said.

According to the statement, point-to-point rate of inflation based on the CPI-AL (Consumer Price Index-Agricultural Labourers) and CPI-RL (rural labourers) stood at 7.37 per cent and 7.13 per cent in November this year as compared to 7.08 per cent and 6.92 per cent, respectively, in October 2023.

The two comparable numbers were 6.87 per cent and 6.99 per cent in November last year, the ministry said.

All-India Consumer Price Index for agricultural labourers in November this year increased 12 points to 1,253, while the index for rural workers advanced 11 points to 1,262.

The two indices were 1,241 points and 1,251 points, respectively, in October this year. Major contribution towards the rise in general index of agricultural labourers and rural labourers came from the group of food items to the extent of 10.85 and 10.50 points, respectively, driven by a rise in prices of rice, wheat atta, pulses, onion, turmeric whole, garlic, mixed spices, etc. There has been an upward trend in the index across all the states except West Bengal (both CPI-AL and CPI-RL indices decreased) and Himachal Pradesh (CPI-AL index decreased).

In case of agricultural labourers, the index increased 1 to 10 points in 11 states, rose 11 to 20 points in four states and went up more than 20 points in three states. With 1,453 points, Tamil Nadu topped the index table whereas Himachal Pradesh stood at the bottom with 958 points.

The benchmark for rural labourers increased 1 to 10 points in 11 states, climbed 11 to 20 points in five states and jumped more than 20 points in three states.

Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu with 1,439 points each topped the index table whereas Himachal Pradesh stayed at the bottom with 1,015 points.

Among states, the maximum increase of 27 points in CPI-AL index was seen in Maharashtra, which was mainly driven by the increased prices of jowar, rice, wheat atta, tapioca, arhar dal, onion and sugar etc.

For CPI-RL, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu saw a rise of 24 points each, mainly due to increase in prices of rice, jowar, ragi, fish fresh, onion, arhar dal, vegetables and fruits (especially brinjal, tomato and lady finger) etc.

West Bengal recorded the steepest fall of 14 points in both the indices due to a drop in prices of rice, ginger, chilly green, vegetables and fruits (especially brinjal & lady finger), firewood etc, the ministry stated.

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