‘Can’t take the mutual fund CEO out of me’: Radhika Gupta offers investment advice to Shark Tank India staff

Radhika Gupta, CEO of Edelweiss Asset Management, was seen offering some investment advice to Shark Tank India staff backstage in a recent video. Gupta suggested them to start investing in mutual funds through systematic investment plans (SIPs).  

While posting the 41-second-long video on X, Gupta wrote, “Can’t take the mutual fund CEO out of me, even behind the shoots of Shark Tank.”

She said that her conversation with the staff backstage was “a reminder of how many people still need to learn about the power of MF and start investing… and for my MFD friends, a nudge that a lot of people are looking for guidance and advice!”

In the video, she asked the Shark Tank India staff that how many of them have either invested in a mutual fund or started an SIP. To this, a majority of them reply that they have neither invested in a mutual fund nor started an SIP yet. 

“Before I leave this schedule, all of you need to start an SIP. Kaise karni hai, hum sab baithe hain, agar aaj nahi hui toh hum aake class lenge. (How to do it, we’re all sitting here. If we don’t finish this today, I’ll take a class one day). But you cannot not start an SIP,” she said. To this, the staff asked Gupta to guide them and called it a “deal done.”

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Radhika Gupta’s post on investment awareness garnered largely positive responses. “Great spirits ma’am. Must help as many,” a user said. “Fully fully agree with you Radhika; MF and SIP needs to be in everyone’s kitty but people don’t realise that and keep going after fly by night fast money schemes,” another user said.

Some users, however, flagged concerns related to investing in mutual funds and starting SIPs.

“Absolutely yes. Most of the investors need guidance and unfortunately are made to believe otherwise by a set of influencers. Many DIY investors begin with the enthusiasm but do not persist. Most often that not they get caught unawares during market volatility. No wonder 81 per cent SIP AUM (assets under management) is still in regular plans. AMFI had done lot of outreach to popularise MF sahi hai and invest in direct plans. Why the hesitation to push ‘Advisor hai to mumkin hai’ kind of a campaign. Guided investing is the need of the hour. Investors wouldn’t mind 0.5 per cent/0.75 per cent additional TER when the outcomes are significant,” a user wrote.

“The fraud fin influencers seem to have hijacked the advice and counsel space misleading people. There is a genuine lack of good financial advisors in the MF industry as every other person seems to be bent on making a quick buck at the cost of the investor. Time for some action,” another said. 

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